The Marmite Easter Egg Is Here!

Admit it - you want one.
Admit it – you want one.

Sometimes good things happen to good people, which is why there will be a Marmite Easter Egg released next week! It’s going to cost £5 (alternatively it’ll be free, if you steal one) and will be made of chocolate and marmite. Naturally it’s being released as it’s Easter. Is it? No, it’s January. Easter’s in April. Companies want your money, though, so you’d better rush to your nearest shop. NOW!

The Marmite Easter Egg

Whilst this may seem like a weird creation, you must remember marmite is a highly popular yeast based spread. It’s most common for its use with toast due to its very salty kick, which is kind of akin to being punched in the face with a bag of salt.

The sensation is popular which has led to marmite becoming a hit all over the world, although versions vary in certain nations. Australians, for instance, head for Vegemite which is apparently even saltier in taste. It’s also mega popular in the UK where it’s something of a national treasure, with even a version called Ma’amite being released (in tribute to His Majesty, Freddie Mercury).

The one downside to the mega tasty Marmite is its salt content is through the roof. Rumour has it, should you eat an entire jar in one sitting, you will be visited by giant talking oysters who will verbally abuse you until you begin shrieking hysterically.

To be on the safe side, limit your intake to a splodge a day. Quite how this will work with the Easter egg we’re not sure. Obviously it’s going to taste of chocolaty marmite, but are we talking, “One egg equals 304% of your daily salt intake” here? Whatever, we’re going to find one, buy it, and then face the consequences. Bring it on!


  1. I think they’re missing the boat here! Marmite with haggis is the ticket. Margis or Hagmar would be a serious Pot Noodle for serious Pot Noodle consumers.


  2. Right, I might have to do a food experiment. I have an image of a Pot Noodle with a haggis sticking out of the top. If that’s not appetising I really don’t know what is!


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