Exclusive (sort of): We Can Now All Brew Soup with Keurig!

Keurig Soup
As Keurig handily point out here, delicious noodle soup is but a step away! Did somebody say… noodles?!

If you’re like us you no doubt wish you had the option to brew some soup every now again. Yes, this is going where you think it is: the days of being stuck to brewing coffee and tea are (and is) over!

Glorious coffee machine masters Keurig has (and have) added a new feature with the help of glorious soup maestros Campbells. The option, which totally brews soup for those desiring soup based food brews, is a modern day miracle which extends beyond the U. S. of A. Indeed, it’s being released here in Blighty, too!

Campbells and Keurig joined forces like Superman and ET to deliver tasty soup in a convenient way. Microwaves are just too much effort these days, you see. The instructions are on the Campbell’s Soup section of Keurig’s site – in just THREE easy steps (although we would have preferred two) one can have delicious soup!

One empties a packet of soup into a mug, then one must “insert K-Cup Pod & press 8oz BREW button”, before finally stirring the soup until it looks edible. Consume at leisure, although preferably when still not scolding hot enough to shred your tongue of its nerves.

There are only two flavours right now: Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup Mix and Southwest Style Chicken Broth & Noodle Soup Mix. Hmmmm… noodles. We really should go on about noodles more often on Professional Moron (*ahem* Oodles of Noodles).

But what is all this “K-Cup” stuff about? Listen, fool, as we reveal all: you get these little plastic K-Cup pods which you jam into the Keurig (K for Keurig, see?) machine and they spew forth the brew. Clever, eh? K-Cups. Ingenious!

The absolutely fantastic news is around 9 billion Keurig K-Cups ended up in landfills last year. Now there’s a soup option, heck, we reckon 15 billion’s a good bet by the end of 2016! And why not? Professional Moron is all for the decimation of the Earth’s landfill sites. Why? As we’re morons!

On Keurig’s site there’s some spurious sustainability guff they’ve spun out for positive PR, but who simply gives a damn when there’s delicious soup to be had? Keurig and Campbells – it’s like a blind date which ends with a nice bowl of soup. Naaaawwww!

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