Why You Need The Surreal Genius of Super Mario Maker in Your Life

Super Mario Maker

To state Super Mario Maker is the most ridiculously absurd, absurdly ridiculous, brilliant gaming experience of 2015 is an undergarment. Er, understatement. Apologies for the typo. Zero apologies for the giddy zealousness which is about to spew forth from our blog.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo decided to launch a game which perfectly takes advantage of the Wii U’s toushcreen GamePad controller, whilst delivering brilliant 2D Mario platformer fun from their library of classics, and inserted the biggest globule of surreal insanity known to humanity. Yes – the chance to create Mario levels. Cripes!

Super Mario Maker

You now know what the game is, but you don’t know what it’s capable of. My word, what it’s capable of! Want to design a level where a dozen Stomps come crashing down from above whilst the Super Mario Kart music blasts away and half a dozen Bowsers spew fireballs at you, all the while flying squid zoom past and you’ve been transformed into Pikachu… and you’re in a go-kart? Go ahead!

To say the game’s impossibly mad, but brilliantly so, is the undergarment of the century! Of course, if you’re lazy, you don’t have to bother putting the effort in creating something like that. Indeed, all you have to do is play everyone else’s courses. You can do this one at a time, or you can indulge in the 100 Mario Challenge. You get 100 lives, but the 16 levels on Expert mode is quite possibly the most terrifying prospect known to humanity.

Super Mario Maker
The special edition bundle. Super!

To say some user’s levels are “difficult” is like suggesting Charlie Chaplin’s tramp didn’t have a toothbrush moustache. We’re not sure that analogy makes sense, but it’s at least somewhat related to the subject matter at hand here (Mario has a moustache).

Professional Moron bagged the special edition unit (pictured above) with a NES era styled amiibo. The game’s flat out outstanding, frankly, and crammed to the rafters with seemingly endless features and options. Indeed, all we can do is recommend forcing people at moustachepoint to join in the manic hilarity.

Well, it’s out now! Buy it, and forever hold your peace. There’s the trailer below should you require further convincing. Enjoy.

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