Little Inferno: Burn Stuff & Relax In This Fun Indie Game

Little Inferno
Little Inferno!

We’ve championed Indie games for a long time now and the Tomorrow Corporation is the provider of some of the best.

We covered World of Goo a while ago and, now it’s 7 years old, urge you to rush out and buy it (well, download it for iOS or Wii, or whatever).

Its new game, Human Resource Machine, once more plays on mindless consumerism and the rat race with droll humour.

Little Inferno

Little Inferno is a fine example from their oeuvre as it kind of defies all genres of video games.

It’s an interactive (excuse us whilst we ponder) thing where the player burns toys in a fire. That’s it. “Erm, my feeble mind doesn’t understa…” – shut up! It’s brilliant.

Why do we love Indies so? They’re free from the constraints larger, mainstream developers face.

Indie games can experiment as much as they dare whilst Activision is stuck making the 20th Call of Duty title in four years to appease belligerent zealots.

In the meantime, the likes of Tomorrow Corporation and Yacht Club Games can hurl glorious creativity stuff in our direction. Which, you know, is super.

Whilst we’re on the subject of innovation, Little Inferno delivers a unique old world. It’s set in a traditional brick fireplace.

That’s pretty much the main thing you see in the game. As the player you can buy objects (such as a pirate doll, nuclear warheads, computers etc.) which you can then burn on the fire.

You earn more money as you buy stuff, meaning you can advance through the game by opening up more and more items.

Each one has a gloriously witty little excerpt to accompany it, and each item BURNS in an entertainingly unique one.

Weirdly, then, this all ends up rather relaxing, ushering in nostalgia as one reminiscences about fires and stuff as a child.

So Little Inferno is a sandbox type video game, and essentially a puzzler, but not really at the same time.

Whatever, it makes for one heck of a unique experience and we highly recommend it.


  1. Sounds pretty great! However, I’m wondering if there is a Trailer Park in this game?
    I’m looking for a game that burns toys, although not necessarily in a fireplace. How about… campfires, bonfires & Trailer Park trash fires?
    I’d like to expand the horizon & Trailer Parks are perfect.
    Would also accept: hobo land hand warming fires, holy fires and toilet paper flare-ups in wood stoves.


    • Negative. To complete your dreams I recommend you BUILD a trailer park and install a massive fireplace in there. You can call it… Big Inferno! Hobo Land can be a little tourist attraction where people come and point and laugh at destitute imbeciles (played by well-to-do actors such as Michael Fassbender and Helen Mirren).


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