PROPERCORN’s awesome Lightly Sea Salted. Proper bo.

We don’t often mindlessly throw ourselves behind brands, but PROPERCORN is a colossal exception. Why? It’s, like, you know, totally the best popcorn in the history of ever.


We don’t know how they do it (and, yes, we can make homemade popcorn—anyone with a pan can, fool).

But PROPERCORN somehow extract the maximum out of their kernels. Perhaps with a motivational talk before they’re heated… who knows!?

We have a particular penchant for the Lightly Sea Salted variety (as pictured at Mr. Wapojif’s desk) as it’s popcorn perfection in a bag.

However, there are a multitude of flavours available, such as the recently released Smooth Peanut & Almond flavour. But the brand continues to experiment with all sorts of flavours.

And that includes coming up with kernels and crisps, with the healthier option of lentil ingredients and whatnot.

Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sundried Tomato is next up as it is a gorgeous beast.

Now you may live in a country where this PROPERCORN stuff isn’t sold, as it’s in British shops.

However, if you hath the power of the internet you can order from their store. You can, of course, make popcorn easily in your home.

It won’t taste nowhere near as good as this, though, we assure you!

Indeed, once you’ve tasted this gourmet level of popcorn you’re really going to struggle to find anything else in life which is a match.

It’s like spending your life thinking Deep Blue Sea is the best horror film about sharks ever. And you write a dissertation about why that is so.

But then you watch Jaws and BOOM! Reality is forever no more an illusion. You realise your entire popcorn life was a lie.

The solution? You switch over to PROPERCORN and your life will never quite be the same ever again.

The popcorn is delicious, healthy, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, low on calories, awesome, and, my word, why aren’t you eating some right now, dammit?!

See how many commas we needed to describe the awesomeness? Go buy yourself some. Now!

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