The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Still Genius

The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess HD
Here it is! Zelda The Twilight Princess on the Wii U.

Nintendo recently released an HD remake of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii U, almost a decade after its initial release.

The game launched in late 2006 on the GameCube and Wii and immediately swept up vast critical acclaim, which is kind of the accepted norm for Legend of Zelda games. This is, arguably, the most celebrated video game series of them all, and this HD remake is a timely reminder of why.

The N64’s legendary outing, Ocarina of Time (1998) is often cited as the best video game of all time. Whilst it is magical, Twilight Princess is our out-and-out favourite. Due to this, we were chuffed to hear the game was getting an HD upgrade for the Wii U last year.

Twilight Princess is undoubtedly the darkest outing the series has ever had, and it throws a number of innovations into the gameplay features of this much-lauded action and adventure series.

Twilight Princess HD

The Zelda series is celebrating its 30th year in 2016, and it’s likely to do so in fine style when Zelda U arrives (later known as Breath of the Wild). In the meantime, we have Twilight Princess. The plot is set around the young warrior Link in the fictional (yes, it’s not real) world of Hyrule.

After his village is ransacked by psychotic gremlin dudes, he attempts to restore order but is instead zapped into the Realm of the Twilight (an alternate universe, essentially) and is transformed into a wolf.

Here he meets Midna, who leads him to Princess Zelda, setting the scene for an almightily epic fight to restore equilibrium.

Thusly, we have an action-adventure game which focuses on puzzle solving and exploration.

Zelda games are particularly wonderful as they encourage players to push themselves mentally. Make no mistake, the puzzles are tough.

Typically, Link travels into dungeons to further the plot, during which time your puzzle solving skills are put to the test.

It’s satisfying as you progress through the game unlocking new weapons and devices which allow you to reach new areas and continue with exploring what is a vibrant and fantastically endearing world.

The real triumph with Twilight Princess is the character Midna, whose duplicitous behaviour leaves the player unsure about her true commitment. Is she helping Link or leading him towards something horrendous?

It’s difficult to determine as Link shifts between the Twilight world and his reality, working his way towards an epic conclusion.

This includes a jaunt through the utterly inspired dungeon City in the Sky, which has Link performing daunting exploration through a spectacular setting.

Although some feel the game hasn’t aged particularly well – and the opening section is indeed clunky – we feel it doesn’t detract from what is a stunning entry in the series.

There are so many glorious touches to the Zelda games and Twilight Princess is no exception. It’s crammed full of quirks, personality, and atmosphere.

Whether it’s the unusual use of sound in the twilight sections or Link walking through the bustling city of Hyrule, you get thoroughly immersed in the whole experience.

It’s epic, it’s thrilling, it’s brooding, it’s crammed full of charm, and it’s verging on complete genius.

If you’ve still not experienced a Zelda game, now’s a fantastic time to pick up a Wii U and try this out. Indeed.

Twilight Princess Amiibo!

Twilight Princess amiibo
It’s Midna (and Link)!

Bloody heck, Nintendo have been spoiling fans with special edition sets in recent years. We’ve had the Super Mario Maker set and Yoshi’s Woolly World, and the Twilight Princess kit is just as impressive.  Inside you get the game (duh), a t-shirt, a soundtrack, and the Midna amiibo (pictured above).

The amiibo (which Nintendo has shifted over 20 million of, and counting) unlock features within the game. For most fans, you’d buy one simply to have it as part of your gaming collection.

Complementing a package which includes Twilight Princess, we gamers are in a particularly lucky position at the moment with the Wii U and forthcoming latest edition to the Zelda series, which could potentially sweep to Best Game Ever status. No pressure, then.


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