The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (awesomeness with hats)

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
It’s got something to do with caps.

Released in 2004 on the Game Boy Colour, this was an instant classic. Charming, unique, and bubbling over with fun ideas, this is a glorious addition to the Zelda canon.

These action-adventure games are the equivalent of literature’s Shakespeare and music’s Beethoven, so let’s delve into the glory and enjoy what all the fuss is about.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Mention the word “Zelda” to a gamer and those in the know will start giggling with glee or frothing at the mouth with uncontrollable lust.

This series is, arguably, the finest in video gaming history. There’s plenty of examples to back this up, such as with this little gem right here in the Minish Cap.

Each new Zelda release (the last console release being the engaging Skyward Sword in 2011—greatness takes time, eh?) comes with a sense of anticipation.

What will the bods at Nintendo do this time? What route will protagonist Link take? Will I be able to buy sandwiches for Link in this one?

There are no sandwiches, unfortunately, in Minish Cap. Indeed, your world has its equilibrium shattered by the evil git Vaati.

Your duty is to scour the land and rid the SOB from the world – you’re helped along with this task when you stumble across Ezlo, a hat-like thing with a bird’s head.

This fellow grants you all sorts of new powers, but you’re also often transported to the world of the Minish (kind of a Borrowers type deal going on) in-between the usual brilliant dungeon raiding.

For those uninitiated, Legend of Zelda games are essentially Indiana Jones meets Nintendo.

The point of them is to encourage scouting about and exploration, with adult themes often subtly hinted whilst outright escapism overwhelms and leaves you dribbling on your arm (possibly—we’re not saying it’s happened to us!).

The Minish Cap is, simply put, one of the most charming games we’ve ever played. The SNES -era graphics complement the inventive gameplay and the dungeons are challenging but fair. If there’s a complaint, here it is: it’s a rather short Zelda title.

It was released on the Game Boy Advance, of course, so this may explain it. However, it’s a vital addition to any game fan’s collection. So don’t fool about—get it bought.

Who is Zelda Anyway?

A popular meme on the internet these days is the confusion which springs up about the series’ title: the Legend of Zelda.

You don’t play as Zelda in the games, you’re the protagonist Link. He’s blonde bimbo sort of dude who doesn’t say much (typical converse consists of grunts and roars kiai from martial arts—we didn’t indicate he’s mentally stable).

Link hasn’t had a bespoke adventure from Nintendo on the Wii U (Hyrule Warriors was made by another company). Indeed, he’s spent most of his time on the 3DS.

However, with Breath of the Wild on the way, most people will be more interested in the release on Nintendo’s new console the NX (thusly signalling the death of the Wii U).

We have a Wii U article coming up soon to point out how wonderful this games console is as it enters its twilight months.

You can pick up the Minish Cap super cheap on its eShop and it’s a highly recommend purchase. This is a gem—a charming slice of brilliance. Purchase. Or else!


  1. OMG, Zelda!! (Sorry I couldn’t contain myself). I really enjoyed Minish Cap when I played it. I agree with you on the length being a bit too short.

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