Moonshake Books: Forcing You to Like Classical Music Since 10/16

Moonshake Books - Classical Music
Bonfire night is on the way, too! Apt.

Our post 10 Absolutely Glorious Classical Music Animations went live yesterday on our other blog Moonshake Books. Like the self-promoting goons we are, we’re here to pester you all about it! Why should you take a look? Well if you want to be less of a bloody philistine you’ll oblige us and learn about the glorious world of classical music in the process. Okay?!

“Omg… What Will I Find There?!”

Fear not, you fool, for there are plenty of marvellous pieces of music there which should make your absurd existence all the more magical. Above is one from Bach we didn’t include over at Moonshake Books so, there you go, this post isn’t a total swindle, eh?

You’ll also be able to learn about why classical composition have those strange bloody names – the information was provided to us by the brilliant Mr. Stephen Malinowski in great detail, so we now feel slightly more up to date about the ever complex world of classical music.

Anyway, if that’s your type of thing go and have a listen as it’s rather educational and you’ll learn something about genius musicians, as well as chill out a bit. We’re also not cheap, don’t worry! Today’s full-scale Professional Moron post follows in about an hour. Adieu for now, comrades!

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