Nintendo Switch: Highly Super Bloody Mario, Indeed!

Nintendo Switch
Oh yeah!

Like mindless drones, we’re going to follow the big news story of the day. We did have a normal (for us) post on the way but we’re tired and giddy and decided this choice would be much better, you know?

What’s happened? Well, big old Nintendo just announced its next games console – it’s called the Nintendo Switch. Nothing was known about it until today, but it’s now been unveiled with a big batch of third party developers (something lacking on the otherwise excellent Wii U – its current console) and, my word, it looks bloody fantastic! The internet has, quite literally, fouled itself.

Nintendo Switch

No one (except Nintendo, duh!) knows anything else about this thing other than with the video there above. What we’ve deducted from this is you must own a dog to have this games console, and the dog will bark at you when it wants a turn. This is how good the new Zelda will be.

In addition, there’s a spectacular looking new Mario game along the way (which appears to build on the phenomenal style of Super Mario 3D World) along with a port of Mario Kart 8 (or some Mario Kart game) which will be readily available (although this is about as surprising as boiled eggs with toast, given the series’ clout). Ooh, ooh!

Anyway, the big deal with this thing is the Wii U’s promising GamePad has been built upon with handheld options and the ability to take it bloody anywhere. We were disappointed you couldn’t do this with the Wii U, so technology has moved on since 2012 and now it’s possible to take Mario Kart and Zelda everywhere with you! This, quite rightly, has sent millions of people into a joyous, frothing, delirious frenzy.

It’s all hugely promising and it’s but a mere five months away. So, let’s allow Nintendo to work its magic, wait patiently (the company is famous/notorious for its delays – perfection takes time), and then froth like lunatics when it arrives in 2017. My word, with Zelda: Breath of the Wild straight out of the bag this thing will be effing epic!


  1. Shut up and take my money Nintendo!! Unfortunately, that means I will have less money to invest in the Professional Moron’s crazy… I mean innovative inventions. Oh well… We all have to make sacrifices sometimes.

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    • I tell you what, if you buy the Switch and don’t get any games for it then you’ll have spare cash to invest in our demented creations. Then you can use the Switch as a massively overpriced door-stop, or something. Modern gaming – so many uses.

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