Night in the Woods: Brilliant Indie Game With Super Cute Animals!

Night in the Woods

Today we’re looking at this unusual, inventive adventure game from Infinite Fall, which has been garnering a huge amount of critical acclaim recently.

Indeed, other than the still-bloody-brilliant Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s pretty much the best-reviewed game of the year so far! Huzzah for indie games, eh?

Night in the Woods

Taking control of the anthropomorphic female cat (and college dropout) Mae Borowski, you return to your hometown only to find everything has gone a bit mental.

Night in the Woods, thusly, evolves into a vibrant and enthralling adventure with a big emphasis on meeting new characters and experiencing the colourful world. It’s mint, geeza!

This innovative title came to life thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign (as many indies have done in recent years).

It’s lovingly crafted and has real personality about it, although don’t be fooled by the cutesy graphics. This is very much a game for adults!

It is, however, in the style of your average modern 2D platformer, but there’s a greater sense of exploration than in other side-scrollers.

It’s a narrative-focused game for a start, and the best chance you’ll have of succeeding is by talking to as many folks as possible.

You can run, jump, and generally learn the standard game mechanics, but who you speak to can really influence how the story unfolds.

This is a kind of interactive storybook game, then, although not at all like Yoshi’s Story or some such. In the town of Possum Springs, you become a youthful busybody who gets to the bottom of the happenings.

Thusly, if you like a quirky little adventure romp where you can hang out with a chain smoking alligator, or a fox with ADHD, then Night in the Woods is for you!

It’s unusual, for sure, but it’s this inventiveness which really makes it stand out. Whilst it has many sidescroller tropes in place, it’s also unique, charming, and another example of why indie games are so awesome.

Me Want!

Night in the Woods is out now and is available on Steam and the PS4.

Just rest assured this isn’t your standard shooty boom ratta tatta tat video game fair – it’s all about the witty writing, characterisation, and seeing (and being a part of) the story unfold.

Hopefully this majigger will make it over to the Nintendo Switch eventually, too, or an iPad, as this thing would be a real joy to play on the move. Enjoy!

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