Doom: Ultra-Violent Shooty Boom Ratta Tatt Tatt on Switch


Doom! Doom (1993) on the PC remains one of the most celebrated games in history, a title which gave rise to a relentless army of FPSs.

Whilst we’ve been critical of the genre, as so many developers lazily reel off titles to make cash, the very best truly are a treat to behold!

Doom, a reboot first released in 2016 by id Software, is one such gem – it’s an ultra-violent gorefest with lots of blood everywhere. Hurray!

The Doom Reboot (2016) is Off to a Flyer

Its appearance on the Switch surprised many. The console isn’t as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One, in part as it’s a handheld console so can’t have the same heft.

But Nintendo typically hasn’t bothered itself by having the most powerful console since the N64 era 20 years back.

However, Doom’s arrival is important as it indicates many third-party devs will want to support Nintendo’s new console, which was a situation sadly lacking on the underrated Wii U.

Okay, so Doom was re-imagined in 2016 by id Software and the result is this insanely violent, great fun FPS.

There are way too many FPSs in the industry but, when done correctly, this is a fine example of how great the genre can be. Simply put, it’s reasonably scary, the gore is turned up to a ridiculous level, and it’s a whole load of simpleminded fun.

How does it play on the Switch? Super! It’s a fun game. Nothing much about it on a substance level, but if mindless mayhem is what you’re after then you’re in luck.

The added bonus is, of course, the ever-fantastic option to play on your TV or in handheld mode.

This is such a wonderful move by Nintendo it makes it difficult to envisage another games console from them which doesn’t feature this option.

As the Nintendo Switch is essentially a handheld, and less powerful than its peers, for whatever reason many modern gamers have convinced themselves graphics are the most important thing in the world.

It’s literally at a point where many modern gamers discuss the quality of the graphics way above whether a game is any good, which we find bizarre.

Cue endless side-by-side screenshots of Doom on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and now the Switch.

To the untrained eye they all look pretty much exactly the same, but for the pedantic amongst us apparently there’s a world of difference.

Whatever, the graphical experience is integral to video games but it isn’t the be all and end all, as we’ve discussed elsewhere.

Simply put, Doom on the Switch looks great and, really, we don’t care if it runs slightly better on a PC.

It’s really irrelevant at this stage in gaming history, we’re not talking about the leap from the NES to SNES era, or SNES, to the Nintendo 64.

Back then, the strides forward were enormous. Now it’s marginal, but if the games aren’t any good then what’s the point? EH!?

FPS Time!

As a genre, FPSs can be so inspired, but they’re also a lazy fallback for many developers to tap into a tried and tested genre.

They’ve been done to the death, which is pretty apt, but this month we’ve seen multiple high-profile releases in the form of Wolfenstein II, Call of Duty, and Doom on the Switch.

The former two have met with middling reviews, whilst Doom has seen pretty favourable returns.

Whilst we do like these games for their mindless sense of fun, we also implore modern gamers to try out more innovative titles.

The indie scene is churning out masterpiece after masterpiece.

So before you rush out to immediately buy whatever AAA romp is available, consider the playing field and maybe fork out for a few innovative indie gems as well. That’s an order, dammit!


  1. My vid card ain’t up to running the reboot Doom, alas. The original defined the FPS genre for me… Cool that the new one has been ported. I am contemplating one of the Wolfenstein reboots. I played the original 2.5 version and the remade Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ (the one using the Quake 3 engine) and had a good deal of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, my laptop can’t hack it either, I had to wait for the Nintendo Switch version. It’s good fun, though! The new Wolfenstein is supposed to be a bit disappointing, but rest assured if you’re still on with Half-Life 2 there are two brilliant DLC packs to go with it.


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