In Praise of Morbo from Futurama

It’s Morbo!

A peripheral character from cult classic sci-fi series Futurama, Morbo is the most endearing intergalactic space overlord monster ever.

Despite being resolute in his misanthropic discourse, throughout the show’s run he remains a dedicated and long-term presenter on the news channel Futurama’s protagonists tune in to.


Typically, he can’t go more than a few sentences without spewing hatred and vitriol about the human race. Here’s a classic Morboism:

“All humans are vermin in the eyes of Morbo!”

Indeed. Although he doesn’t turn up much in Futurama, there are just fleeting appearances of him, usually, ranting despicably.

He’s a competent newsreader, and clearly gets along well with his human co-presenter, but he just can’t keep the ranting at bay… what’s going on, Morbo?

Morbo the Annihilator (to give his full title) is a gruff voiced, green reptilian monster who has an enormous cranium which, seemingly at random, pulsates.

With his baritone voice and “belligerent and numerous” family, the broadcaster stars alongside Linda van Schoonhoven.

The two appear to have a, sort of, amicable working relationship, despite Morbo’s mood swings and propensity for yelling out stuff about ending the human race.

It appears van Schoonhoven doesn’t take his comments seriously, as she’ll often laugh off his rampaging statements of destruction.

As such, his appearances on the show can, essentially, be broken down in brief segments where he lands a soundbite.

He also officiates over some really major events, such as the the build up to Presidential elections for a ruler of Earth, but is doing so in order to gather information about the human race so his clan of merciless aliens can invade the planet.

Over the course of the show’s eight seasons, however, Morbo doesn’t really live up to his psychotic intentions.

Indeed, he’s often distracted by performing excellent renditions of Funky Town (below)!

Today we just wanted to celebrate him, though, as he’s a funny side-character from a largely excellent show, and one we enjoyed catching up with after a marathon Futurama binge watch over the weekend. Hurray!


  1. Also one of my favourite Futurama characters (besides Bender…)! Morbo always reminds me of the Metaluna Mutants off ‘This Island Earth’, only a lot more articulate… (worth checking that one out if you haven’t seen it already).

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  2. The beauty of the “Morbo demands an answer to the following question […] would you seize and consume it?” question is that it’s perfectly good English, but just stilted and “off” enough to sound plausibly alien — after all, it’s just a really complicated way of asking, “would you steal candy from a baby?”

    It’s brilliant writing!

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    • Yeah, it’s like Morbo has a half decent grasp of Earth’s language, has decided that’s enough, and that’ll do anyway as he’ll be ruling the planet soon.


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