Ballooned 3D Super Animals: Rollin’ Wild is Gloriously Rotund

Rollin' Wild
Rollin’ Wild.

A few years back, we came across these fun ballooned animal videos. From French company Flying Stone, its co-founders Constantin Paeplow and Kyra Buschor showcased a few clips at a film festival in 2012. After the audience’s “overwhelming” reaction of support, they’ve since made a heaping batch more. So! What would happen if animals became round overnight? Let’s take a look.

Rollin’ Wild

The clips consist of various animals  attempting (and usually failing) to adapt to a sudden, and rather unexpected, issue with girth. The bouncy animals give it some serious gusto, but seem incapable of grasping their balloon-like qualities mean they’re no longer as agile as they once were.

There’s plenty of news about the project at Rollin’ Wild – their official website – where you can even buy some official gear, if you like! There hasn’t been a huge amount of videos yet (and the last one was over a year ago), but we’d certainly like to see some sort of animated short make it out eventually. Hopefully that’s what they’re working on. The videos are pretty charming in their depiction of a distorted world.

You can follow their YouTube channel through the clips above. On the official site, there hasn’t been an official news update in two years, either, so we’re hoping the two lady team is just a bit busy. As the potential for Rollin’ Wild to make it huge is more than there – you could get a full TV series for this type of stuff, yeah? If you’re reading this, Flying Stone, please go forth and prosper.


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