Vinyl Painting: Continuing Our Relaxing Stuff Spree

Remi Cabarrou vinyl painting

Recently we’ve had a look at soap scrunching and sand stabbing. Now it’s the time to destroy some vinyl (in a relaxing type of way). This is the work of Rémi Cabarrou, who has created some more satisfying stuff for the people of the world to stare at. The vinyl painting videos are quietly hypnotic, so let’s take a good old look, eh?

Vinyl Painting

With whirling patterns and those meticulous dribbling lines, the French creative director’s videos are pretty hypnotic. We believe he/she to be based in Paris, but we couldn’t find out much about Cabarrou (and didn’t want to go sticking our nosing around, either). So we’ll just stick to showing off this interesting work.

Relaxing, yes? We keep stumbling across these things and finding them to be interesting. Although Instagram is largely populated with accounts that turn narcissism into an art form (seriously, how many pouting selfie beach pictures do you need in a lifetime?), you do find gems such as this. Thusly, we command you to bask in the dribbling relaxation of it all!


A bit more here, as Rémi Cabarrou’s channel involves a few extra things. There are also some interesting animated shorts. These consist of melting art and sardonic humour – can’t grumble with that, eh? There appears to be a hint at social commentary in some of these, but as folks fascinated by animation we simply just enjoy seeing the results of a talented individual at work. Groovy.


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