Diablo III – Eternal Collection: Take On Hell (in a fun way)

Diablo III - Eternal Collection
Have mercy!

Back circa 2000, Diablo II was the best thing. We spent many hours mouse clicking our way through endless hordes of terrifying monsters. Escapism? Yes, lots of the violent stuff! But Blizzard’s classic remains a masterclass in atmospherics and little details. And now, with Diablo III freshly out on the Nintendo Switch, we’re seeing if its followup is just as good.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Now, Diablo III first hit the shelves back in 2012 for PC. It then made it to Sony and Microsoft’s respective consoles in 2013. Blizzard initially derailed somewhat with mixed reviews, but has since stuffed a load of DLC and patches into the game to make it a complete package.

Seeking a mindless type of romp to keep ourselves occupied, Diablo III – Eternal Collection hit the Switch earlier this month. Nintendo’s console is a big hit with 22+ million units sold already, so many developers who previously stayed away from the Japanese company are now lining up to release their biggest games.

Blizzard is most famous for its World of Warcraft series, a fabulously absorbing MMORPG  that only got too repetitive for us over five years of relentless play. But it also has Diablo, with the first action RPG hack-and-slash title appearing for the PC in 1996. All these years on and the setting is much the same, just ramped up a notch.

For fans of the series, this isn’t a reimagining in any way. There’s no point doing that with Diablo games – gamers know what they’re getting and anything else would fail. As such, Diablo III plays much like its predecessors, but has its core gameplay elements built on from Diablo II in particular. A rather good idea.

As far as we’re aware, this is Blizzard’s first foray onto a Nintendo games console. So, that’s great news. As a port of a PC game, the developer has done a fine (loving, almost) job. Diablo III slots fantastically well into the Switch’s handheld or TV mode but it is, of course, something of a dream to play these games as a handheld option with your earphones in.

If you haven’t played a Diablo game before then, yes, the relentless button mashing can get monotonous at times. But Blizzard packs enough fun and games in – mainly in the form of some deranged enemies and excellent atmospherics (some of the music is carried over from Diablo II, which is a nice touch) – that you’re all set for an absorbing, mindless, great fun adventure.

Nintendo really got behind Blizzard on this one, too. You can buy a Nintendo Switch and Diablo III console bundle, with a stylised box and console. You can even get your Diablo protagonist to wear Ganondorf’s (from the Zelda games) uniform, as well as play online with any other maniacs out there to raise some Hell and all that.

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