Toy Story: “This isn’t flying, it’s falling with style” Quote Off Extravaganza!

Toy Story

Do you remember Toy Story? It was a landmark title, you know. It did things with computers that no person had ever done with computers before. Of course, it stands the test of time thanks to its brilliant and witty script. That includes one of the most legendary lines of them all… but what if there had been a slip of the tongue?!

This isn’t flying, it’s falling with style

This moment cements the bromance between Woody and Buzz. It’s the latter harking back to the former’s statement earlier in the film. That’s when Buzz is under some serious delusions he’s an astronaut. So it’s all rather lovely (please note, the nuclear explosion in the above clip isn’t in the real film).

This isn’t flying, it’s falling without style

Toy Story 1

Yeah, but it’s not very stylish though is it, Buzz? We hate to be cynical here, but you’re just a chunk of plastic… and in real life you wouldn’t fly like that at all, would you? You’d just plummet to the ground like a dart. Then you’d probably crack your helmet lie prone in the road until a car runs over you. Harsh, but true.

This is spying, it’s appalling with style

Toy Story 1

Yeah, so those two toys are getting a bit voyeuristic up in the sky. For a kids movie that’s pretty disgraceful. Can’t say we agree with any of that. Shame on you, Disney and Pixar!

This isn’t terrifying, it’s Stalin with style

Toy Story 1

Okay, so this is a political joke. It’s about Stalinism. Doesn’t quite work, yeah, but then so what? Toy Story 4 should be a work of political propaganda, we think.

This isn’t sighing, it’s squalling with style

Toy Story 1

Yeah, guess it must be pretty scary that high up. We’d scream too, Buzz. We’d scream too.

This is not flying, it is falling with style

Toy Story 1

We wanted to see what it would look like without the contractions. Not as catchy now, is it?

This isn’t fawning, it’s stalking with style

Toy Story 1

Again, that high vantage point really opens up some creepy stalking opportunities. Just get a Facebook account and do it on there instead, you idiots.

This isn’t falling, it’s failing with style

Toy Story 1

You said it, dick features. Sorry, Buzz Lightyear! Sorry! We don’t know where that outburst came from. Seriously, we have nothing against Buzz Lightyear, astronauts, or anyone who does have dick features (however that would work). We retract our statement in its entirety.

This isn’t flying, it’s flying with style

Toy Story 1

So it turns out Buzz hasn’t lost his delusion at all? He just things he’s more stylish than everyone else? What a sad act, eh? Bloody astronauts.

This isn’t flying, it’s lying with style

Toy Story 1

You said it right that time, Buzz, you goddamn lying plastic rubber toy, you. Git.

And finally…

This isn’t flying, it’s name calling with style (you bastard)

Toy Story 1

Yeah, there’s enough profanity in the Toy Story franchise. A few f bombs would spruce the dialogue up a lot, we think. The toys are always in situations where swearing is appropriate, yet all they ever do is not swear. Unconvincing, Pixar. Unconvincing.


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