Refunct: The Short But Peaceful Relaxathon

Putting the fun in Refunct.

Here’s a marvellous thing. Refunct is a super short, but rather relaxing, little indie game where you look to restore a vibrant world.

From indie developer Dominique Grieshofer, it first hit Steam in 2015 but has since found its merry way onto all current consoles. And it’s well worth your time.


It’s a focus on minimalism right here. Something we continue to champion after reading the likes of In Praise of Shadows and The Beauty of Everyday Things.

You start out rising from some water in a first-person perspective. Your task is then to leap around a rather beautiful arena turning grey blocks into green-turfed ones.

You hit beacons as you go and they cause other sections to rise out of the water.

Initially we thought hitting the water would get us killed, but you can go for a swim in it if you please. That and enjoy the Super Mario type drainpipes you come across.

As everyone has pointed out (including the game’s creator), Refunct is very short. One reviewer said it was barely a game due to its short length – that’s total nonsense.

At 50p on the Nintendo Switch – and a couple of quid/dollars on Steam – and you’ve got here a pretty marvellous and engaging experience.

Is totally free from brutal violence (a worryingly common theme in video games) and features a striking visual style and a soothing soundtrack.

As a one-off experience, then, it’s rewarding to jump in and revel in the brief experience. And it’s one you’ll likely want to do again and again at sporadic intervals.

The Speedruns

As short and focussed as it is, that means Refunct is ideal for speedrunning marathons. Some gamers are completing it in a matter of minutes.

If that’s your thing then great, but don’t deny yourself the soothing experience this title is.

It has a blissful and serene quality about it. Like you’ve descended into a peaceful world free from problems.

And for that, Refunct deserves your time and money.

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