GNOG: Super Amazeballs Fun Puzzler Musical Buster 64


This puzzle game was free for some reason. It’s normally £7.99, but Epic Games offered it us with no charge. So we snapped up the colourful and playful thing. Here’s how it plays.


From developer KO_OP Mode in Montreal, we have this musical romp that’s stunningly colourful and enagaging with its visual style.

You can get it on iPad, PC, and PS4 – plus it has VR headset options.

It’s a great one for kids (and the young one in all of us), but is certainly one of the most happily bizarre games in a long old while.

It’s a total joy to play. The 3D puzzler is set in a strange world of frogs, butterflies, and mechnical objects.

Your job is to explore each new environment and follow the subtle hints to get to the end of a stage – inquisitiveness is an important tactic.

You use a cursor on the screen to check out objects presented to you. Plus you can flip the object around to take a look at the back, flip open the innards, or whatever else.

It’s far from your traditional puzzler and it’s that innovative approach that helps it stand out.

Don’t go in expecting a Tetris or Unravel Two type experience. At all. This one is leaning towards the LSD frenzy side of things.

The puzzles are clever, but don’t follow any real specific reasoning – normal logic isn’t behind them. More a sense of wonder as you enter this weird world and yank or prod at stuff.

In many ways it’s like a digital, interactive toy. Indeed, the developers created the levels based off real-life toys.

Cast your mind back to your childhood and the toys you played with often had no sense to them. You’d simply see things, press buttons and then take delight in whatever happened.

That is GNOG. It’s colourful, engaging, charming, silly, and one of the most ridiculous and enjoyable indie game romps you can buy.

It’s less than £10/$10 so if you have a lazy Sunday afternoon ahead with the family, this one is for you. Or you can watch the full game walkthough above – up to you!

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