Blasphemous: A “Hell Yeah!!” of a Metroidvania!!

Blasphemous the Metroidvania game

This thunderous Metroidvania romp is a total slice of kick butt from indie team The Game Kitchen in Sevilla, Spain. After a successful Kickstarter in 2017, it’s now here and it’s goddamn sacrilegious!


In what is a dark and eerie journey, you’re on a nightmarish vooyage full of bloodthirsty lunatics.

You’re in the land of Orthodoxia and as the Penintent One you’re up against a world where churhches outnumber people by two to one.

In classic Metroidvania fashion, it’s your duty to battle across the land during the Age of Corruption.

It was deemed people weren’t worshipping hard enough, so many have been punished by zombies (knowing nod to passive voice there, writing sorts).

The game looks great. There’s a gothic quality to it, with the fantastic backgrounds of city environments often having a Caspar David Friedrich type macabre vibe going on.

The soundtrack, as with so many indie games these days, is superb. The composer is Carlos Viola.

There’s a real Diablo II vibe going on here. Have a listen to this: Tierras de Azafrán.

But Blasphemous also reminds us of Demon’s Crest on the SNES. Similar sort of demonic thing going on.

But this one is much more creepy and disturbing. It’s pitiless in its depiction of tortured religious symbolism, representing a medieval nightmare.

Now then, with all that in mind is Blasphemous in any good? Yes, for the large part. But we can’t say it’s a classic, it’s a solid Metroidvania with a great look and feel.

There are memorable things going on, such as the various pitiless boss battles.

However, the experience is marred by combat we didn’t find particularly satisfying.

Ultimately, we took to just running by many enemies as battling them didn’t provide any real reward. Some of them are just irritating to defeat.

The bosses, as with other recent indie romp The Messenger, are also really irritating after a while. They’re very tough and, frankly, we don’t have the time to sit around “gitting good” and defeating them.

A lot of indie games feel like they have to fulfill some hardcore gamer trope by being as frustratingly difficult as many games were during the NES and SNES era. You don’t have to.

Blasphemous is still a good game. Great in places. And a lot of care and attention went into its creation.

We recommend it for Metroidvania fans. Otherwise you’ll possibly want to skip on this for something less sacriligeous.


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