Big Red Racing: Radical Retro Racing Glory

Big Red Racing
Big Communist Racing.

Here’s a 1995 MS-DOS (PC) game from Big Red Software. It may look primitive, but it was damn good fun back in the day.

Please note, some absolutely atrocious music is ahead on the first clip. Hit mute! But enjoy the retro racing excellence.

Big Red Racing

The British developer from Leamington Spa was founded in 1989, but went bankrupt in 1996. Unfortunately.

The indie game scene wasn’t up to much at the time as the technology didn’t permit it.

Some of its other games included Pete Sampras Tennis. But Big Red Racing was its last ever release before going defunct.

And look at it! It’s retro gaming at its finest. But the odd thing is, we remember really enjoying the thing back in the late 1990s.

From out recollections, it was a very cheap game and one we can’t even remember buying. We think it came free with a PC our parents bought.

And after giving it a whirl, we were impressed with the crunchy, bouncy physics of the cars.

We always liked the opening mud stage as your car clatters about all over the place, bouncing about in a way that wouldn’t please the thing’s suspension.

Yes, Big Red Racing is a simplistic racing sim—but it’s also a lot of fun. As you might be able to tell from the game’s cover, it’s all light hearted and aimed at being a bit silly.

There are a variety of vehicles to try out across the experience, such as the helicopter above.

And you can take outrageous shortcuts (kind of like in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) to cheat your way ahead of the opposition.

As you can expect, it’s all about beating the computer controlled opposition. But doing so in as fun a way as possible.

It’s good fun! A very retro gaming experience indeed, one that doesn’t exactly test your skills or push any boundaries. Back in 1995, it was just a bit of cheap fun.

If it piques your interest, you can find downloadable versions for free across various DOS-based websites. And it’s a minor honking good time.

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