Gazillionaire: Get Good at Deep Space Trading Shenanigans


Okay, here’s an odd one from 1994. LavaMind’s PC game is a business sim that’s still in use for those sorts who want to make the money. So it’s business stuff, but set in space. Here we go!


Okay, so this is basically a trading sim set in space. Although it’s over 25 years old now, to our surprise it’s available on Steam.

There’s a free demo to give a go if it piques your interest. As it is an odd but intriguing experience—like a cosmic version of Monopoly.

The idea is simple. You aim to get as stupidly rich as possible through deep space trading.

You buy low quality items and then sell them off to make a profit, whilst fending off competitors.

As LavaMind confirm on their self-congratulatory video above, Gazillionaire remains a hit in schools. Students looking to learn about business can have fun with it.

Along with your trading of the likes of frogs legs and other bizarre implements, you can also choose to offer a sort of taxi service. As a side-hustle type thing.

And that bit reminds of Planet Express from that there classic Futurama.

It all may sound a bit weird and boring, but then think of Monopoly. It’s an addictive game and one even better going up against a friend.

You’re basically wheeling and dealing on an intergalactic scale, through a positively psychedelic title with a sense of humour.

Graphically it’s rather simplistic (hey, it was 1994), going with colourful and wacky sprites and whatnot. The soundtrack is also ridiculous.

Yes then, it’s a very odd sounding game. But all LavaMind did was take the joys of individualistic capitalism and bung it into space.

And it threw in a load of crazy characters to liven it up, thusly making big business capitalism good fun. Quite the accomplishment!

Whether you want to play it as a lesson in doing someone over in business, or just for a laugh, we recommend Gazillionaire.

Its unique qualities have stuck with us over the years. And we have a hankering for some more deep space wheeling and dealing.

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