Dominic the Screm Song Cockatiel: A Birdo Just Got to Screm

Dominic the cockatiel doing his screm song
Dominic doing his screm song.

More cockatiels today, with praise for Dominic (son of internet legend Alex the Honking Bird) and his neverending and relentless screm songs.

Dominic & Screm

Dominic is 20, a few years younger than his father (yes, that’s how bird species work—not the same for us humans).

In 2018 he invented a new song for himself—the screm song. As the clip confirms, once he starts singing it… well, it’s difficult to get him to shut up.

That’s the bit about it we like best, really, that manic enthusiasm for the song.

It’s like he’s on a mission to screm. And no one is going to get in the way of that. Ever! Because screm song is most important thing in the world!

So, Dominic looks pretty chuffed with himself when singing it. Although it often irritates his father—and they have a mini-scrap, sometimes.

But when you can sing in such a fine manner, why would you even want to bloody well stop? That’d be ludicrous!

The solution? Just keep singing! Over and over, even when a human suggests you take a little hiatus. What do you do? Ignore the stupid human!

Bryanna Harper is the aforementioned human, whom Alex and Dominic own.

She owns a Nintendo Switch and lives in Brisbane of that there Australia. And she seems super cool, from her interviews and views on cockatiels owning her.

Now, it’s a bit of a rough old time right now. And pets are a great way to take your mind off things. If, like us, you don’t have any… what then!?

Well, use your goddamn eyeballs! In Joe Harkness’ Bird Therapy he talks of the mental health benefits of looking outside and taking in the bird sights.

You can use the below for ideas for activities, too, or use our self-isolation survival kit. The video is probably more useful if you’re a bird, we guess.

One of the suggestions is to have an existential crisis. So, you could read Sartre’s Being and Nothingness. If you’re in the mood.

Or, you know, you can go a step further and audition for to be the drummer in Dominic the cockatiel’s band!

We’re not sure if the individual below got the role… do you think he deserved it?

Screm On

Right, so this gentleman specialises in drumming along to unusual things.

Such as cockatiels who don’t like to stop singing. The result? A three hour drum solo.

Well, if you’re going for it, you might as well really go for it. That’s the message we should all take from Dominic.

Just don’t sing too loud. You’ll annoy your neighbours!


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