Alex the Honking Bird: A Birdo Just Has to Honk

Alex the Honking Bird
One honk at a time.

22-year-old Australian cockatiel Alex the Honking Bird (and his inferior owner) continue to make plenty of headlines. Because this birdo has just got to honk.

Alex the Honking Bird

Alex lives in Brisbane of Australia and has become an international celebrity.

With his cheeky chappy expression, and orange patch on his face, he’s an eye-catching dude. But there’s that honking thing he does to gain more attention.

Annika Howells only ever intended the videos for her family and friends. But after one went viral, new fans encouraged her to keep on creating.

Where did this honk come from? Howells bought Alex to provide her other cockatiel, Tina, with company. 

Alex  was a nipper and he’d often squeak as a baby. Howells would mimic his behaviour—that blossomed into the full-blown honk of this honking era.

Alex also has a son with Tina—Dominic. Apparently he can also honk, he just doesn’t do so to the relentless extent his father does.

It would appear Alex the Honking Bird’s life goal is to honk as many times as is possible for a bird to honk.

His personality is inquisitive and enthusiastic. He’s easily excitable and tends to go up to things he encounters whilst honking.

He often does goofy faces and cocks his head about. Alex was particularly delighted about House House’s Untitled Goose Game, which enjoyed many retweets. Apt!

Howells has since used the opportunity to turn the channel into something of an education/entertainment zone for kids.

She also champions progressive values and a sense of understanding amongst people. So it’s rather fantabulous.

The video that started it all is below—this one went viral and prompted her to take Alex to an international stage!

And he’s now something of an internet darling. Worshipped by tens of thousands across the globe.

Not that he cares a jot about that. The birdo just wants to honk.


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