Path of Giants: Relaxing Teamwork Puzzler With Much Snow

Path of Giants
It’s gigantic.

Here’s a cute single-player game about teamwork. It’s from Journey Bound Games over in Vancouver of that there British Columbia. Let’s explore!

Path of Giants

Available for Android, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, this is a serene puzzle game. With the emphasis very much on serene.

Games like this work very well on smartphones. We think of Monument Valley II and Alto’s Odyssey and we swoon, we do.

Only two people are behind the game! Such is the might of creative indie developers. For Journey Bound Games, the head honchos are Andrew and Hana.

However, Australian composer Clark Aboud is responsible for the chimes—as in, the soundtrack.

The idea is to work as a team, swapping between of three explorers to solve puzzles. That all plays out in a rather snowy landscape.

Here’s the first level for the gist of things, which neatly showcases the gaming mechanics in action.

So, yes, there are some three explorers there for you to use. They are:

  1. Matchi
  2. Bern
  3. Totch

They’re on the hunt for hidden treasure, of course, and they’ll have to overcome huge wodges of ice and many snowy peaks to find it.

It’s a traversal puzzler in the great scheme of things. It reminds us of She Remembered Caterpillars a fair bit. But without the surreal elements.

You go about the concise stages working out the puzzles, whilst enjoying the pleasant soundtrack from Mr. Aboud. Plus, those polished graphics.

And that’s pretty much it! Short but sweet—very enjoyable, too, as a distraction that’ll relax and delight.

It’s only a few quid/bucks. And even if you only have a smartphone and aren’t much of a gamer, this is accessible.

Really, it’s a pick up and play experience. Short and long-haul blasts are fine.

And as you solve the puzzles and enjoy the chillaxed nature of it all, you may come to realise games are rather therapeutic.

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