Baba is You: Unique (and cute) Puzzle Game Indie Romp

Baba Is You

Here’s an innovative little indie game! It’s an award-winning effort and something for the discerning indie game fan, given its unique qualities.

Baba is You

Finnish indie developer Arvi Teikari is behind this one. He uses the indie team name Hempuli. It launched in 2019.

It’s a unique puzzle game. The official site describes it as:

"The rules you have to follow are present as physical objects in the game world."

So, you have to manipulate blocks (the “rules”) you come across. And by doing so, you change how Baba Is You works.

In some respects, it’s the Undertale of the puzzle game world. And that’s a good thing. As the title is odd, but interesting.

You can manipulate things to cause surprising developments. So, it’s best to show this in action so you can get a solid idea of things.

The idea, then, is kind of about breaking all the rules. It’s a game about repurposing, which leads to unexpected interactions.

And it’s all done with a pixel art aesthetic and boopy soundtrack type deal.

The game has a sense of humour, too, it’s not all about trying overly hard to be unique. It’s a cute game, too. It looks lovely.

But it’s also the type of game that’ll look confusing as all hell. That’s until you play the thing and “get it”. Which is worth your time and energy.

There are over 200 of such puzzles to solve, which takes a bit of hit-and-miss type activity. Shifting blocks around to form combos.

It’s available on Steam,, and the Nintendo Switch. It also won a bunch of awards at the Independent Games Festival.

As, yes, it’s a great game. Kind of difficult to describe, we guess, but the best bet is to give it a whirl and enjoy the consequences. Or else!

Oh, although one issue we have found is it’s a bit overly expensive for what it is. Like £15. That seems a bit OTT.

But, if you see it on sale—yes. Yes! You buy this now, Baba!


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