Zenge: Relaxing Puzzle Game Artistic Antics, Ahoy!


This is a relaxing and artistic little puzzle game you can get on your smartphone or other gaming device. ZOMG? No. It’s…


This puzzle game tells the story of Eon, a journeyman stuck between worlds… and time!

The title is from Michal Pawlowski and Konrad Januszewski, so it’s another two-person indie effort. Although Hamster On Coke Games published the title. Nice!

With its Buddhist, artistic themes the whole thing is about being relaxing. So there are no real missions or aims to go for.

You just head through Zenge at a leisurely rate, completing the usually picture-based puzzles with gesture-based movements.

Behold level one! It gets things rolling pretty nicely, eh? Nothing confusing about this.

It’s just one of those accessible little games you can pick up for cheap (less than ยฃ1/$1) on your smartphone.

The success of the title is you just pick up and play. You don’t need to head off and look up online tutorials or YouTube help videos.

Simply download the thing, get going, and enjoy the art from Januszewski.

So, yes, it’s a visual experience. Although the music is most pleasant as well, but the general point is to kick back and not take it seriously.

Ultimately, there’s a story here to enjoy. Your puzzle solving reveals details about Eon’s journey through this odd world.

All the ethereal sound effects and musical flourishes are rather pleasant.

But we suppose the main appeal to Zenge is the nature of the artwork. It’s all a bit abstract, but appealing, too. Like some Wassily Kandinsky thing.

It’s also rather short, but for the asking price you can’t go wrong, really. It’s a pleasant distraction. Great fun for a commute.

And it’s the type of thing you can play if you’re not really into video games, but want to experience something during lockdown. Zenge? No. ZOMG!

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