Coincidance: Let’s Go Camp For Handsome Dancer

The Coincidance by Handsome Dancer
Let’s dance.

We’re a bit behind the times with this 2015 smash hit from Handsome Dancer. It’s a very European comedy song about a coincidence. Hell yeah!


Normally we do a book review on Saturday, but we can’t be bothered today.

We’re going all camp instead. Why not? We feel we’ve not really done that on Professional Moron over the years. But we’re totally LGBT supporters, yo.

This song—everything was written and directed by James Manzello (Kiki) and his mate Matt Pavich (Choo-Choo).

The Freddie Mercury lookalike narrator is Alexander Kikis (great forename).

Now, asides from the most striking redhead lady (Autumn Sheen) this clip is all about geezers doing a stupid dance.

But, let’s face it, the Freddie Mercury guy (Kikis) is, like, a solid 8/10 as well, yo.

Regardless, we struggle to think of a more ridiculously camp song since YMCA by the Village People. Or Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. But why the hell not, eh? We’re up for all this.

Now, we tried to do the dance in question. And quickly realised our 35 year old shoulder blades aren’t up for it.

It’s a skill. Perhaps a sport. Although, you know, Manzello and Pavich’s channel is about satire and silly humour.

Erm… that may have something to do with it as well. Should WE do something like this? Kind of makes us think of the fun things we can do with our shins.

Health & Safety Warning

Just as a killjoy notice, but we’re pretty sure doing such violent shoulder movements will lead to major joint problems.

Limit Coincidance to weekends only. And don’t encourage psychopaths to engage in the aforementioned activities.

So, yes, that includes pets. For some reason, the whole thing led to people doing videos of the dance. And we DEMAND your pet animals receive fair treatment.

Obviously, many pets don’t comprehend music in the way we do. So their behaviour is a tad indifferent and all that.

Coincidance Theories

We must say, the more we watch the video (which we’ve done far too many times), the more we think The Narrator is a demonic psychopath.

Think about it—he’s there guiding everyone along and they’re all doing his bidding.

Our theory is he’s a maniacal despot out to control the world. Hellbent on making us all shoulder thrust ourselves into oblivion.

We suppose it’s proof, if it were ever needed, Freddie Mercury is the God of us all. And we respect his awesomeness. Ready Freddie? Yes.


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