Nagano Winter Olympics ’98: Dull Button Bashing Sports Romp

Nagano Winter Olympics '98

Here’s another mediocre title we just have to rant about! Because… for fun. It’s one of them button bashing sports games. Huzzah!

Nagona Winter Olympics ’98

Nagano Winter Olympics ’98 launched on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in late 1997 and early 1998 (depending on where in the world you’re from).

In Japan, this one went by the name of Hyper Olympics in Nagano (ハイパーオリンピック イン ナガノ—Haipā Orinpikku in Nagano).

Konami’s title was clearly a bit rushed, launching in time for the 1998 Winter Olympics in, yes, Nagano of Japan.

Now, Konami is famous for exceptional titles such as Super Castlevania IV. But if you’re in a rush, then even the best will make a hash of something.

And the big problem with this game, which we can testify to (as we rented it from Blockbuster in 1998) is how dull it is. Behold!

That’s right, Curling is in the game! That thrill a minute almighty romp of a sports game. Where you curl stuff.

To be fair, there are more exciting stages. The luge (skeleton racing) gets a fair old whack of speed going, which is pretty decent fun.

England’s fantabulous Amy Williams wasn’t on the scene at the time, but she could sure liven this title up more if she were in it!

So, yeah, we’ve covered one of these sorts of button bashing sports games before. The bizarre Virtua Athlete 2000 on the Dreamcast.

We much prefer that one too, we must say. As weird as it is (and so deeply flawed), it’s issues make it thoroughly entertaining as an arcade style blast.

Nagano Winter Olympics ’98 is just dull. And the gaming press wasn’t overly kind to the title. N64 Magazine dished out 32%, for example.

To mock the title, the magazine’s staff put together a Snooze O’Meter to judge just how boring each event in the game is.

The thing is, on the first playthrough the events are of some interest. But a second or third effort and you realise just how rushed the title is.

It’s a cash-in game, no doubt. Konami, bless it for its other games, just was clearly on a rush to get this one out in time for the Olympic event.

For the gamer, it means pressing buttons every now and then. And watching the decent graphics unfold.

Then calling it a day to go and play Mario Kart 64 or something. Oh, well. At least no one remembers, eh, Konami?

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