Blues Brothers 2000: Jazzy N64 Platformer Majigger

Blues Brothers 2000 on the N64
It’s blue.

One of the more bizarre ideas for a Nintendo 64 platformer, here’s a movie tie-in for the 1998 musical comedy movie Blues Brothers 2000.

Blues Brothers 2000 (on the N64)

Despite the film launching in 1998 (a sequel to the 1980 cult classic with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi), the game was heavily delayed.

And so it launched in 2000! Unlike the film. Later 2000, though, so very heavily delayed over the movie release.

From the developer Player 1, and published by Titus Interactive, it’s a bit of an odd choice for a platforming game.

You star as Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd’s character), who wants to get a band together for a battle of the bands.

And you do all this in fairly simplistic fashion. Jumping over obstacles, collecting coins, and beating up baddies.

Reviews were distinctly middling, with the UK’s N64 Magazine thrashing it. You can’t help but feel the uninspired title screen kind of indicates what’s on the way.

However, the Official Nintendo Magazine here handed it 85%. In what, surely, was a pretty obvious bit of funded reviewing. Ahem.

A big issue we’ve come across is that there are apparently only four levels! For a game as heavily delayed as this, you can’t help but marvel at that.

IGN also slated it, noting how derivative it was of other 3D platformers. Another finger was pointed at linear level design. As well as lambasting the poor camera system.

And it confirms the short length of the title, with around two hours of gameplay in total.

So, yeah, we can’t say this one ever tempted us. At the time of reading reviews, we had no idea what Blues Brothers even was.

But we’ve since seen the first film, although not the belated 1998 sequel, and we think we’ll be avoiding this one entirely.

It’s just baffling it was turned into a Nintedo 64 game. Why, Titus? What made you think that was a good idea.

Still, at least it’s a step above the developer/publisher’s notorious Superman on the N64.


  1. Did Titus make any good games?

    I can also say you’re not missing anything by skipping the sequel. I liked how insane the original was (and the music, that goes without saying) but there was no reason to bring it back, especially without John Belushi. I like John Goodman but still, you know. Even if Belushi were still alive at the time, it probably would have been a bad idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Titus? Erm… no. I think the best they managed was just below mediocrity. I get the impression most of its projects were rush jobs.

      John Goodman is in it! But I just can’t see the film being any good. You hear the name, think of the idea, and it’s just not going to live up to the original.

      Liked by 1 person

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