LEMMiNO: Top YouTube Documentary Channel is Epic

Let me know.

Despite being film buffs and all that, these days we spend most of our time watching YouTube. We don’t have a Netflix account and any of that jazz. Instead, it’s the YT.

Why? Well, thanks to the wealth of fantastic content creators on there. And we want to flag up our favourites over the next few weeks.

And we’re starting with LEMMiNO, a Swedish documentarian whose videos are TV production level brilliant.

In Praise of LEMMiNO

LeMMinO is run by David Wångstedt, a young chap born in April 1993.

We’ve followed his channel a great deal over the last few years and the quality of his content goes from strength to strength.

Initially, the channel (which relies heavily on a distinctive animation style) focused more on top 10 lists on quirky topics. See above!

However, over the last five (and particularly in the last three) he’s become much more ambitious in his scope.

Despite each video now taking him a lot longer to create, he’s now focussing on full-scale documentaries on eerie topics or science stuff. Behold!

It’s clearly a painstaking process for LeMMiNO. He picks some interesting and curious topic, before heading out and exploring everything in depth.

On top of that, he provides full animation of the documentaries he now produces.

That becomes even more impressive when you see the staggering quality of his productions, running off a small budget.

The channel’s videos are also famous for being presented in a calm and relaxing manner. This is despite some of the topics he covers being eerie or disturbing.

Such as his video on the mysterious case of D.B Cooper.

We’d read about this unusual hijacking many years ago and it’s always fascinated us, so seeing a full documentary on it all was rather spiffing!

LeMMino has also added his opinion to the notorious Dyatlov Pass Incident, which continues to fascinate the internet and breed theories such as aliens.

Because why could it be anything else except aliens?!

Anyway, we highly recommend you follow his channel. And get a free YouTube account so you can subscribe to it.

LeMMino doesn’t update regularly, but when one of his videos lands you know it’s going to be an epic experience.

Education, fun, interesting, and delivered with deadpan sardonic perfection. It’s a yes from us.


  1. This looks like an interesting one. I’ve had his videos recommended to me quite a lot. As far as documentary channels go, Fredrik Knudsen’s is a great one to follow as well. Also a fan of weird/old internet history-focused stuff like Justin Whang.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Merci buckets for the recommendation, I shall check that out tonight! Been watching quite a lot of true crime focus recently. Guess I’m plotting something.

      And heck yes to LEMMiNO, well worth a watch. 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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