Barbie: Game Girl—Game Boy Romp is Extra Pink

Barbie: Game Girl on the Game Boy

Barbie: Game Girl on the Game Boy represents the very zenith of the handheld console’s capabilities (except for maybe Link’s Awakening).

Although the game was predominantly aimed at the tattoo sporting skinhead market, it was actually little girls who swamped the title in droves.

So, let’s celebrate this most subtle of games and its total adoration of pink (and black and white).

The Riveting History of Barbie: Game Girl

Launched in 1992 by the now defunct American developer Imagineering, this game is pure Barbie doll.

We mean, even the intro title is a cover of Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Music Factory. For some reason.

With the official Barbie rights under its belt, Imagineering clearly decided the best possible route for the game was another generic 2D platformer.

Regardless, here’s a bit of plot action! Or not.

Barbie: Game Girl is incredibly short (note the 20 minute walkthrough below) and doesn’t seem to even have a basic plot.

Players just take control of Barbie when she’s in a shopping mall. You then move through levels jumping over stuff to get shoes, a necklace, maybe some Semtex etc.

She gets a gown as well. Note 22:55 with the timeless exclamation of, “Gee, what a beautiful gown!” That’s right at the end of the game.

Barbie then wears the gown, meets a bloke (probably Ken), and they have a bit of a romantic waltz to some thrash metal music (maybe).

There’s not too much else to report from Barbie: Game Girl. We do know the game’s producer was called Billy Pidgeon and that’s a really great surname!

Whilst the game was savaged by critics as being a bit rubbish, American magazine Nintendo Power did at least acknowledge it’s good for Barbie fans. Indeed.

We don’t want to be too hyper-critical here as, to be fair, the graphics are kind of all right for 1992 Game Boy action.

And it’s so clearly aimed at six year old girls. Plus, it launched almost 30 years ago and now remains in almost total obscurity amongst the online gaming community.

Really, we can’t say we expected much else from this one.

But that hasn’t stopped us, at almost 37 years of age, dedicating our time to paying tribute to its bland platforming attributes.

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