Mister Mosquito: The Mosquito-Based PS2 Game is Bzzt

Mister Mosquito on the PS2
That’s mister! And don’t you forget it!

Well, we wanted to cover some daft video games this weekend with weird concepts. And this one is right up there with Dancing Monster from 1983.

Mister Mosquito launched on the PS2 in 2001, so let’s use this as an opportunity to celebrate its 20th anniversary and all that. Bzzzt!

Savage Defenceless Humans in Mister Mosquito

The first thing we noticed with the above video is the music, which features the world’s most sampled drum loop in history: The Amen break.

Away from that, this is a video game! In Japan it’s called Ka (蚊), which just translates as mosquito. In the west, we got a fancier title.

In this game by Japanese developer Zoom, players take control of Mister Mosquito. What unfolds is a mixture of stealth and simulation.

With that dude, it’s your job to go around draining the Yamada family of their blood. The goal of the game is to get enough blood to survive the impending winter.

So, pretty innovative stuff! And tasks come in the form of sucking the blood out of certain body parts, as and when the game directs you.

And that’s the gameplay in a bucket of blood right there.

Basically, you have to try and get at the humans who try and bat you away and all that. And when you’re sucking out the blood, you have to time this carefully so as not to alarm your victim.

So, yeah, it kind of reminds us of Buck Bumble on the N64. And not much else, to be honest, as this is a bit of a weird concept.

We should address that it’s only female mosquitoes that consume blood. So there was a bit of an error in research there! Or Mister Mosquito just likes crossdressing.

It’s like in Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom on the NES, the developers failed to realise the “vegetables” they were adding are fruits.

But anyway, a game like this isn’t exactly grounded in reality so who cares (except us)?

Well, the game was quite well received with positive reviews around the 7/10 mark. Making it probably the best mosquito-based video game in history!

The Sequel! Ka 2: Let’s Go Hawaii

The sequel (蚊2 レッツゴーハワイ) launched in Japan only back in July 2003.

As the TV commercial above shows, there’s a weird sexual element to the title. That’s in the first game as well, where you bite a female Yamada family member whilst she’s nude in a bath.

Sony tended to market its early PlayStation consoles to a “mature” audience (read: juvenile teenagers desperate for action), so we got this sort of stuff on the PS2.

Regardless, this time the Yamada family heads out to Hawaii for a holiday.

And what plays out is basically exactly the same game as the first one, but the mosquito can suck any part of the humans’ bodies. That was the major new gameplay feature.

Yeah. Sounds mediocre. So it’s probably no surprise it didn’t make it out of Japan.

And, also, saw the death of the series thereafter. Squished like a mosquito savaging your arm. For shame!


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