Kermode & Mayo’s Take: The UK’s Best Place For Film Reviews, Yo

Kermode & Mayo's Take podcast
Films, TV, and takeaways.

After decades of the Church of Wittertainment on the BBC, Dr. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo called it a day on their film review show.

It was a sad day… except it wasn’t!

They’ve evolved into a podcast series, you see! It’s called Kermode & Mayo’s Take. And we’re celebrating the thing in grand fashion. Hurrah!

Kermode & Mayo’s Take Does Film Reviews and Stuff

If you’re unaware of all this, then Dr. Mark Kermode is the UK’s leading film critics. Whilst Simon Mayo is a famous radio presenter and author.

The duo left the BBC’s Radio 5 Live recently and are making a break for it!

Cutting loose from the BBC was a big step. But with their own show, they do get more creative control over the thing. They’ve now branched out into TV show reviews and stuff!

The reason this is all important is because it’s super essential to have a good film critic to turn to.

With so many films coming out these days, you need someone flagging up your best options. Otherwise, you may lapse into the “back in my day” camp of whining about how there are no good films coming out these days.

And that’s why we love Kermode’s musings on films—he never gets bogged down with the tedious pessimism many have allowed to bother them. Namely, droning on about “the woke” ruining cinema.

There are plenty of fantastic films coming out all the time. You just need to put the effort in to find them.

And that’s where a great critic does his or her job. Such as with feedback on big blockbusters, like the newly released Jurassic Park Dominion.

But then there’s the likes of smaller productions (and some indie releases) you may miss.

Because, you know, not every film has a $50 million advertising budget with loads and loads of fancy CGI dinosaurs.

Kermode and Mayo have been doing this for decades, so it’s no surprise they’ve hit the ground running with Take.

Feedback from the press so far has been very positive… and the fans love it. Why? As it sticks to its old formula.

There was no need to reinvent the wheel on this one. You can call that unoriginal if you wish, but it’s film criticism at its very core. And Dr. Kermode is there to give his verdict on the latest media texts! Simple is as simple does.

And the key takeaways here are:

  • Long-term fans of the show will adore the return of previous formula, padded out with a few new things (namely TV show reviews).
  • If you’re new to this, enter the charming of two smart, loveable blokes discussing films.

They bicker like an old married couple at times, but there’s a lot of warmth and heart behind each episode.

And in an often confusing and unpleasant world, Kermode & Mayo’s Take is something rather fantabulous.

Not least as a proper celebration of cinema. But also as a chance to familiarise yourself with new films and a duo who just never fail to be popular.

And the podcast will hit the news once Dr. Kermode loses it and has one of his Kermodian Rants. They look like this.

It’s Dr. Kermode’s passion that’s helped endear the show to so many millions and we can only see this continuing in its latest guise.

Hello to Jason Isaacs and, also, down with this sort of thing (by which, we mean, Sex and the City 2).

Upcoming: Movie Watchalongs

Now, film watchalongs on YouTube pretty much kept us going throughout the various lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

They’re great fun. And the good news? The duo WILL be adding this content to the podcast in the near future.

This is very exciting news.

Getting to listen to Dr. Kermode insights and biting critiques (as his much-hated Pirates of the Caribbean will be the first one) is going to be something else.

Still waiting on the first on! But it’s just around the corner, we believe. Oh yeah!

Getting Your Hands on Kermode & Mayo’s Take

The podcast blasted in at #1 on the Apple Podcasts Charts for all categories and stayed there in the UK, Ireland and in New Zealand (interestingly enough!).

Search for it on Apple Podcasts and you’ll easily come across it. 

There are adverts on it, but if you pay the £3 a month you get the ads removed. Which is nice.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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