Super Cable Boy: Star as a Handheld Console in Cute Romp

Super Cable Boy

Huzzah for retro indie gaming fun! From German indie developer Sørb, here’s a cute and cuddly type of experience.

It’s an accessible precision platformer any gamer should love, particularly those who want an easier version of the notorious Super Meat Boy.

Super Cable Boy is Better Than The Cable Guy

Righto, what’s a precision platformer? Well, it’s where you have to be super PRECISE with your decision making.

Jumping and timing are essential as the end is always near.

The genre has gained notoriety for its sky high difficulty levels, although it’s produced classics such as the incredible Celeste (2018).

Super Cable Boy fits in here as it’s nowhere near as difficult as those games (at least, not until much later in the game).

Frankly, that’s very welcome. The accessibility is a big selling point, along with its looks, music, and overall charm offensive.

You star as a sentient handheld console.

And the aim is to journey thought your world, climbing a tower, to collect cartridges to power up. Your goal? To defeat an evil glitch. Behold!

There are Metroidvania elements to Super Cable Boy, as you collect games cartridges to gain new skills.

Each level (which are super short, incidentally) also lets you collect one or two rice balls. It’s a nifty little side quest for anyone wanting to put their skills to the test. Plus, the rice balls are cute.

It’s challenging stuff but, as we mentioned, accessible for any gaming skill level.

And we think it’s great! Really enjoyed this one. It’s not the longest game, with just over an hour of gameplay. But it’s so gosh darned cute, enjoyable, and charming you can’t help but swoon for it.

There’s also a great soundtrack to go with the game.

The clever thing with the soundtrack is it starts out as a kind of bleepy, bloopy experience. If you think of Shovel Knight and the games from that series.

Plus, many other indie games we can think of.

It’s a bit disappointing now when developers resort just to the 8-bit NES era style soundtrack. As nice as it is, some variation is welcome.

And Super Cable Boy initially appears to meet the trope… yet subverts it all by suddenly shifting into an ethereal, ever-evolving musical landscape.

It adds a lot to the experience. Really, you’d be surprised how much music can help you enjoy a game (just see our SPACEPLAN review recently).

Yes, a summary! To conclude this whole ramble, we must say Super Cable Boy is well worthy of your time. If you like the look of it, the thing is on Steam and Switch.

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