Fall Guys: Mini-Games, Jellybeans, Joy, Carnage… FUN!

Fall Guys the indie game
Full guys?

Huzzah! It’s here. Fall Guys is by indie team Mediatonic in London. It’s a battle royale romp that launched in 2020 and involves up to 60 players online engaging in mini-games.

It’s a party game, really, created to make you laugh like an idiot. And hey, it’s a lot of fun! With enough silliness to make even the most miserable git grin like crazy (maybe).

Fall Guys is Chaotic Fun For Everyone

You can think of this game like a, sort of, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe deal. That series is for everyone. Don’t play video games? You’ll still love it.

And that’s what Mediatonic aimed for with Fall Guys—that accessibility.

It’s an online game and you’re pitted against all those other (60) players. That makes for some serious carnage! And that’s the central fun to the experience.

In the arenas you get dumped in, everything turns into a bit of a manic free-for-all. It’s random luck, really, but you can guide your little jellybean to safety with a modicum of skill.

Obviously, this is all about the multiplayer fun. Get some friends together and indulge in a Mario Party kind of experience.

The graphics are very similar to Super Mario 3D World, actually! And the mini-games are often a blast to play:

  • Hoarders: Keep the balls in your area for team points.
  • Hoopsie Daisy: Jump and dive through hoops to score points.
  • Hoverboard Heroes: Don’t fall off the hoverboard!
  • Hex-A-Gone: Try to survive as floor pieces fall away.

It’s survival of the fittest! Your perseverance will pay off, but random luck is a big part of mini-games like Jump Club/Showdown.

We mean, look at Hex-A-Gone in action!

Fall Guys was a big talking point in the gaming community when it launched.

It arrived during one of the many pandemic lockdowns. The result was many famous folks were playing it on Twitch, such as F1 driver Lando Norris who was laughing his butt off during the experience.

And that’s the core element of Fall Guys.

It channels what Nintendo has done to genius effect over the last 40 years. Deliver a fun experience. The randomness is often just hilarious.

The game doesn’t have massive long-term appeal, but its launch on the Switch recently (for free) has given it a new lease of life. And whilst the fun factor lasts, it’s a pretty joyous experience.

But it’s definitely best played with your friends. Or kids! If you have wee ones, get them on this thing and laugh away the day.

Sure, it won’t teach them anything they need to learn for school. But it’ll have them grinning like idiots. And we think that’s an achievement worth celebrating for any video game.

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