Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is Cute and Wholesome Family Fun

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure game

Here’s Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. It’s a super wholesome and cute open world adventure game from London’s indie studio ustwo (responsible for the artistic delight that is Monument Valley).

It launched in December 2020 and it’s a mix of Nintendo’s Pokémon Snap meets the ace A Short Hike (2019). Kid friendly and fun for all ages, we highly recommend if it you want a relaxing time of things.

Photos and Dolphins in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba is one of those games for people who don’t play video games. You can get the game on Apple Arcade, Steam, Switch, PS4/5, and the Xbox consoles.

Throw yourself into its gentle world free from the more complicated aspects of modern gaming and you’ve got a real winner here.

It’s basically like playing a gaming version of Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals (1956). Except this is set in Spain, rather than Greece.

In fact, Alba is set on the fictional island town of Secarral in the Valencian Community. You take control of the young girl Alba Singh who’s visiting the island from England.

On her first day, she rescues a stranded dolphin with her friend Inés. These two then form a wildlife rescue league, which includes moving to stop the local mayor from turning a wildlife reserve into a luxury hotel.

The main core of the game is exploration. It’s you and your camera on a very pretty island. Get out there and take some pictures, gosh darn it!

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a very accessible game. It’s easy to pick up and play, with the main focus being to take in your surroundings.

It’s a fantastic game for kids, as they’ll love all the cutesy appeal of this one. But adults can also relish the breezy challenges it has to offer.

The animals that populate the island are a big part of the appeal, with lifelike birdy behaviour, rabbits, insects, and all that jazz. It’s a real birding dream, as most of the creatures you have to photographs are birdos.

We feel this is obvious, but gamers looking for a hardcore challenge with brutal realism and explosions won’t get much out of Alba.

It is for a relaxing time of it. Nothing else.

For kids, there’s a strong moral lesson at play here. As they’ll learn, and see, they’re positive environmental actions have a real impact. But for adults, it’s simply a relaxing romp of it during these stressful times.

There’s about two hours of gameplay here and we liked it! Great fun and one that can brighten up your day if you need that type of lift.


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