What it means to be British!

Iconic British things, including the London bus and union jack

Continuing our Diamond Jubilee celebration we at Professional Moron have decided to have a look at just what it takes to be a certified 100% true Brit.

That’s a play on the film True Grit, if you’re wondering. True Grit was very overrated, incidentally. We didn’t rate that film much, and Mr. Wapojif is a big Coen brothers fan, too, so it was a double shock for him.

It’s also the London Olympics 2012 shortly, so we thought we’d spell it out to the watching world just what we’re actually like.

So, let’s dust off our copies of Johann Hari’s God Save the Queen? and dive on into this mess.

The British Way of Life

Do you all think we’re bowler hat wearing, tea sipping, poso sorts who live in mansions and dip our hats to strangers with a courteous “Good day, sir!”?

That’s before, with a flourish, opening a door for a pretty British lady who promptly grins and displays a single row of rotting, distended, gnarled teeth? Well you’re kind of off the mark, you know?

Well, you don’t, so we’re going to tell you what it’s like in England.

So, here we go then, sit back, relax, and use your eyeballs to glean information from the content below this opening statement. Onwards, comrade!

1. Fish and Chips

British people get hungry a lot and, seeing as we don’t actually have much variation in food, the only available option is fish and chips.

We eat this meal 24/7 as our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only time we don’t eat fish and chips is when it’s a special occasion, at which point we will heartily consume the most unhealthy, artery clogging full English breakfast ever devised.

2. Pavements

No, Americans, we don’t say “sidewalk”! Shock horror! Over here what you walk on to make sure you don’t get run over is called a pavement.

Pavements are great because, should you trip over them, you can sue your local council for a few spare grand.

Some Brits make excellent careers out of falling over dodgy pavements in their community – these people are known as Troglodytes.

3. Eccentricity

If you mean eccentric in the, “blindly following the example set by other nations and doing whatever the media tells us to do”, then you’ve summed up British eccentricity well!

We’re apparently a nation of mild oddballs, this notion perhaps brought about by our comedy (Monty Python, Eddie Izzard), and the anachronistic generalisations and stereotypes which flap about the place, such as Brits being posh.

Come and hang out in Moss Side with the chavs for 30 minutes, or take a trip through Peckham, and see if you still think this is the case! It’s not pretty, as displayed by the nationwide English riots in 2011. That’s why these guys (known as policemen) are regularly needed.

4. Chavs

These cretinous morons populate all the major cities and towns of England and are characterised by—very low intelligence, an inability to understand English, belligerence, a superiority complex, racism, homophobia, staggering ignorance, and terrible dress sense.

Usual hobbies include rioting, mugging and/or terrorising innocent people, general theft, carrying knives, listening to dreadful music, eating at McDonald’s, drinking cider, hanging around street corners/newsagents with hoods up, profanity, and generally being totally loathable plebs.

5. Drunkards

“Being drunk is a national characteristic!” roared somebody recently. Brits are regularly reminded we’re drinking too much but, frankly, we’re too drunk to notice/understand/care.

Most nights tend to start off very merrily with some genuinely witty, enjoyable banter. Then as everyone gets increasingly drunk it all goes out of the window.

There are “bitch fights”, bouts of vomiting, “alpha male” moments (“That guy just gave me a funny look!”), a complete lack of memory of everything, and eventually passing out wherever you possibly can. It’s all the absolute height of sophistication, of course.


  1. So, is a cretinous moron an amateur (as opposed to your professional self) moron?

    And I think you are possibly being a little harsh on your countryfolk. Have we stopped taking the tablets?


    • My dear woman, this was a post by our Truman Trumanson, not Mr. Wapojif (that’s me) who is currently out cold (that’s Truman Trumanson) through drink. I shall take his place in our offical response. Your complaint has been noted and forwarded to the Professional Moron complaints office; you will receive a response now:

      Indeed, a cretinous moron is an amateur moron. You got it in one, brave madame. As for being harsh – the current national fervour is enough to drive anyone insane. The Olympics, The Queen’s thing – it makes it impossible to have a quiet time of it. And whilst the 5 point above are perhaps sweeping generalisations, they do hold a lot of truth in the state of Britain at the moment. Severe economic crisis with mass unemployment (yet our government has just trashed £24 billion on 2 weeks of Olympic Games), the country’s still nervous after the nationwide riots of 2011, any night out in England ends in vomit and fighting, chavs are running riot and the laws don’t let anyone stop them, and now our pampered Queen (who doesn’t actually do anything) is being hoisted about like our superior. There’s a lot of discontent, but also a lot of blind patriotism. Rollocks, we’re moving to Australia! G’day mate! (sorry). How about them Min Min lights? And Mark Webber, eh?


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