In Praise of Queenie

Queenie is scary.

There’s something positive to be said for unhinged maniacs in comedy. The Blackadder series certainly had its fair share of lunatics, and one of the most insane is Blackadder II‘s Queenie—played by Miranda Richardson.

In case you’re a bit stupid. Queenie’s a caricature of Queen Elizabeth the I who ruled England from 1558 until her death in 1603.

Queenie isn’t 100% mad but she’s certainly getting there. She spends most of her time executing people for no apparent reason other than an enthusiastic whim. She remarks to Blackadder, “Ooooh, Edmund, I do love it when you get cross.

Sometimes I think about having you executed, just to see the expression on your face.” Asides from this trigger happy nature she is remarkably childlike, and has strange dreams. She whimsically recalls one being about the grandeur and size of a tree, and that she was sitting right on top of it.

And in another “I dreamt I was a sausage roll.” Despite these childlike qualities she is highly lustful and openly admits her desire for a number of men, including; Sir Walter Raleigh, Edmund Blackadder, and Lord Flasheart.

She resides with the completely insane Nursie, who seems to believe the Queen is still a child, and the sycophantic Melchet. Blackadder is a Lord of sorts who frequents her, perhaps in the hope he can marry into her money, but more often than not in attempt to steer himself away from execution.

She certainly makes the series with her wild shrieks, odd rambling, manic unpredictability, and overall scariness. And the latter’s spot on. She’s quite terrifying, perhaps more so if you’re man. So, all hail Queenie!

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