Looper: Great Fun Sci-Fi Time Travel Romp


DARTH VADAR IS HIS FATHER! Oh, wait… wrong film! Actually, we’ve not even watched Looper yet, we will have in a few hours, and then we’ll write the review.

No spoilers will be written, don’t worry. Here we go!


As far as we can tell (apart from Beans the Chinese Dwarf Hamster, she can’t really tell much.

Although she does like pumpkin seeds and carrots) the film’s a mish-mash of time travel, existential dismay, Bruce Willis’ bald head, and Joseph-Gorden Levitt’s prominent new appearance.

Yes, he has been digitally made up to look like Bruce Willis in his younger days.

Add in lots of shooting, explosions, a love story no doubt, and a song about a cabbage (maybe) and we’re looking forward to this film going experience.

It’s an early viewing so we expect there to be no; drunk people, screaming children, amorous teenagers, know it all “I saw that coming, me!” loud people, or smelly old age pensioners.

What we do know is this – we just watched Looper. AND?! It’s very enjoyable. Mr Wapojif enjoyed himself in the cinema for the first time since he watched Jaws back on June 16th 2012.

He has seen The Dark Knight Rises, yes, and, frankly, it was a bit disappointing. Looper was just great fun. Now, we shall explain the plot in a way so as not to reveal anything:

Bruce Willis (Joseph-Gordon Levitt) is a time travelling lunatic who is really Joseph-Gordon Levitt (Bruce Willis), who is hired by people from the future to eradicate criminals who are from the future.

They’re transported back in time whereupon the Willis/Levitt hybrid guns the poor bugger down.

However, one day Levitt/Willis finds himself looking at his future self (Willis/Levitt) and this leads to all sorts of high-jinks.

They even run into Emily Blunt at one point! Then things begin to get a bit freaky deaky.

Jeff Daniels is also in the film. This was a shock for Mr. Wapojif. Seeing the aging Mr. Daniels when he’s so used to the Dumb and Dumber Jeff from 1994. I suppose even actors have to age. Look at Bruce Willis!

Anyway, all are on good, violent form here. Willis does his whole mass murdering thing very well, Levitt does his “I’m an anti-hero, don’t you know!”, and Blunt does her “I’m a higher class, attractive lady from London, but I’ll try and hide that with some Yankee talk, whatever that is!”

Wilst Jeff does his, “I’ve grown a big beard for this movie!” thing. It’s all in good fun! So, we recommend you watch this at some point.

Remember how we dissed Prometheus? Well, it’s because it was crap! Looper is much better. Groovy!

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