Knickerbocker Glory: Why the name, dear?

Ice cream, but with a stoopid name.
Ice cream with a stupid name.

Ah, the Knickerbocker Glory. What’s all that about? Whilst typing out the name of this ice cream sundae we put “Knickerbloker”. This sounds like we’re telling you to go out there and knick (steal) a bloke (or) two. We highly recommend you do not proceed with such an activity – this is known as jaywalking and can result in a £100 fine.

The Knickerbocker Glory

The Knickerbocker Glory is known as an ice cream sundae which often towers some 10ft into the sky. It’s crammed full of ice cream (duh), fruit, bits of nuts, syrup, honey, jam, possibly haggis, and then it’s all topped off with whipped cream and one of those strange preserved cherries. As an indulgent treat, it’s indulgent. It also has a stupid name.

The endearingly stupid name probably originates from the Knickerbocker Hotel in America, which opened in 1906 (and not 1907, as was violently debated at the annual Knickerbocker Glory Convention in Hull). The debate will rage on, however, as there were also Knickerbockers in the 20th century – popular knee high baggy pants as worn by the reprobate youths and golfers of the era. Even more confusingly, Knickerbocker (as a word) comes from Dutch settlers in New York.

Let’s put all this into a concise conclusion: a ridiculously extravagant ice cream sundae, with an equally ridiculous name, originated from a word picked up from the Dutch, applied to an even more ridiculous pair of trousers, which was then taken up by a fancy multi-storey hotel, and then became popular in England as the ice cream with the stupid name.

An illustrious history. The only thing we don’t get is why it hasn’t been adapted to the demands of Halloween: Knickerbocker GORY. What’s wrong with sticking a severed hand in there? Mwahahaha!

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