SteamWorld Dig: Speedrunning Indie Brilliance

SteamWorld Dig
We dig it.

A quick post this evening about awesome Indie game SteamWorld Dig which Professional Moron has loved playing upon over the last year.

It’s one addictive SOB! You take control of protagonist Rusty, a mining steamboat, who goes on an epic digging journey deeper into the ground, uncovering secrets and gems along the way.

SteamWorld Dig

As the player, you trade these gems to develop your skills and abilities, so it’s a Metroidvania romp of the highest calibre.

It sure is, too, as it’s addictive and damn good fun. Image & Form Games developed it so it would offer a randomly generated arena each time around, so each playthrough offers something unique.

It’s a speedrunning dream, too, so if that’s your thing it’s definitely one to add to your collection.

Swedish developer Image and Form first released this in 2013 and it’s since appeared on pretty much every format imaginable.

It’s such a simple premise and yet it works a treat – you simply dig deeper into the ground and gather gold. Once your knapsack is full, return to the surface and trade your stash in for digging enhancements.

The further down you get, the more caves you discover. In these, you can unlock secrets and power up.

This is the Metroidvania element as you’re soon packing some serious additions to your arsenal, including jumping, a drill, and even a firing punch type thing.

It’s brilliantly addictive and from the second “level” thing get brutally manic and you have to have your wits about you.

A common complaint about the game is its length. First time around it might take you about 5 hours, but you can realistically complete it (like we have) in under two hours once you get good. This isn’t really an issue, as it turns it into a speedrunner’s dream.

Your goal is to claim three gold medals at the end, one for not dying, one for collecting over 150 orbs, and one for completing it under a certain time (about 2 hours we believe).

It’s a challenge all right and you have to work absolutely flat out to make this. It’s a really thrilling rush and makes the game one to keep coming back to over and over again.

We certainly have! All in all, then—buy it.

SteamWorld Dig 2

On a final note, SteamWorld Dig 2 hit the gaming world not too long ago. A magnificent sequel, it adds new lore to the series and was one of the best indie games of 2017.

Here’s hoping Image & Form Games goes on to make this a trilogy, as this series is one of the great highlights of the indie scene.


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