What’s Better: Pomegranate Or Granite?

Cripes… it looks like something from an Alien movie.

Today Professional Moron has (and have) been mulling over what is better out of the food stuff pomegranate and the other unpalatable food stuff granite. The former is a fruit which contains little berries which are like fruit gems, the letter is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock of granular and phaneritic texture.

According to the webpage where we did our granite research, “Granite is nearly always massive”. Whilst this may be reassuring to granite enthusiasts, as a culinary experience it leaves much to be desired.

Humans have pretty much always used granite – during Antiquity the Red (an early form of Communist propaganda!) Pyramid was constructed from granite and the emaciated, crushed bodies of the slaves who were flattened whilst building the thing.

Pomegranate, in the meantime, is a fruit which also dates back to Antiquity. Heck, even the dinosaurs must have had a good chow down on a pomegranate after a prolonged bout of slaughtered stegosauruses got boring. So you can see what we’re getting at here – pomegranates and granite have an extensive lineage which, naturally, makes one wonder which one is best.

To answer this most perplexing consideration we’d like you to take this thought experiment, which was devised by the great philosopher Dr. Bertrand Eyesore: “You are on a desert island and there is only a pomegranate tree, several blocks of granite, and Donald Trump for company. Which one do you use to construct a primitive hut?”

The correct answer is you curl up into a ball and gurgle pathetically like a baby until Trump, in utter disgust, hurls himself into the ocean to escape you. As he’s quite large he’d float off like a beach ball lost to the rolling surf, whilst you are left to gorge on fresh fruit after constructing a swanky lavatory from the granite.

As to which one is better – like we care! They serve their purposes in their respective fields and have little to do with each other, fool!


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