Oodles of Noodles #1: Shin Cup Noodle Soup (Hot & Spicy)

Shin Cup Noodle Soup
This is one fiery SOB.

Kicking stuff off in fine style on our oodles of noodles noodle based extravaganza, we have the almighty Shin Cup Noodle Soup (hot and spicy flavour). To be honest, we weren’t really expecting much from this on the spicy front. We mean, come on, an instant noodle cup offering “hot and spicy” sounds about as threatening as a gangsta rapper.

We piled on in fearing nothing and began to boil that kettle. It took a good minute, and then we added the broiling madness to the cup. With this one you had to empty two sachets on top of the noodles, one of which was labelled the “soup” sauce. Right.

Undeterred, we waited for the SOB to “cook” and then we totally began to consume it. The heat didn’t really hit in for a good few minutes, and we was impressed by the texture of the noodles. Seriously impressed – these were like gourmet, fresh noodles!

Soon enough this cause for celebration became secondary as the full impact of the spices really kicked in. This is one fiery Noodle Soup, make no mistake about it. It burned our mouths bad, man, but in a way which was entirely enjoyable. Indeed, the spicy oomph mixed superbly with the classy noodles to provide a sublime instant noodle pot. We can heartily recommend!

Miscellaneous Notes

If you’re one of those people who can’t hack spice, this isn’t for you. You wimp! We found the packaging pleasant, easy to open, but misleading (seriously, it doesn’t look like that after it’s cooked), and for an exceptional price we’re amazed Shin Cups don’t dominate the noodle based market.

On a final note, we were disappointed to find no shins went into the making of this product. This is hugely disappointing, and we’re docking a point from our score to remonstrate Shin Cup for their lack of foresight.

Shin Cup Noodle Soup

Price: 75p

Noodle Rating: 9/10


    • I was amazed at how spicy this one was, although I should imagine these aren’t exactly the most healthy food products around! Instant Noodles… has a certain “preservative” ring to it. Can’t argue for 75p, though.

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