Oodles of Noodles #2: Kabuto Noodles (Beef, Garlic, & Ginger)

Kabuto Noodles
Kabuto, indeed. Kabuto.

Day 2 of our Oodles of Noodles special and we’ve gone proper gourmet. Yes, Kabuto Noodles are officially the Michelin star instant noodles we have all been waiting for! These little pots are packed with so much flavour (and noodles) you’ll be left braying like a donkey for more. Innit.

The weird thing is these noodles are a different type of noodle. Indeed, their texture is much more like spaghetti, weirdly enough, although they definitely are noodles. It says so on the front. Regardless, these little devils are wondrous and we can heartily recommend!

The real trick to getting a noodle pot right is totally maximising the sauce. You see, at the end of the day, what it boils down to is at the end of the day, what it boils down to, is noodles need to taste good, at the end of the day. This superlative mix of ginger, soy, garlic, and “fresh tasting” noodles delivers this pretty well. Bravo, Kabuto, for delivering some flavour to the world of noodles.

Yes, instant noodles are largely treated with disdain by chefs around the world, but we put it to them they should be serving these in restaurants. Yes, do away with stupid fresh produce and the hassle of preparing a meal – simply Go Kabuto, boil a kettle, and serve fine dining in a pot. It’s the bloody future, we tell you!

Miscellaneous Notes

Weirdly enough Kabuto is the easiest instant noodle pot to prepare out of the ones we’re testing this week. The most difficult thing is getting the lid off, which is like trying to tear a pint of beer off an enraged football hooligan.

Once inside, you simply add boiling water and wait. And wait some more! Indeed, it’s around 5 bloody minutes before you can eat one of these, and you’ll have to give it several bloody good stirs to get the full range of spices infused. What’s the world coming to!? Way too much effort!

Anyway, if you like a spicy, tasty oomph then these are the noodles for you. Why you could eat these at work and no one would look down upon you like the scum of the Earth you well and truly are. Appearances can be detective, eh?

Kabuto Noodles

Price: £2.05 (we ship you not, for some reason they’re this awkward price)

Noodle Rating: 8/10


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