The Shovel Knight Amiibo: Making Shovelry Even More Awesome!

The shovel Knight amiibo with Mario and Yoshi
It’s the Shovel Knight amiibo and, boy, is he groovy!

We’ve been going on about Shovel Knight for quite a while now. Yacht Club Games’ NES era styled indie masterpiece has, since its release in 2014, swept up massive critical acclaim.

It’s recently had a free DLC upgrade, Plague of Shadows, and now there’s an amiibo for the Wii U version which brings even more features!

This is one of the most perfect indie titles you’ll find. There’s a current gaming trend, particularly in independent titles, for games to be designed with 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System graphics.

Despite ageing graphically compared to modern technology, many games from the NES era (and particularly for its console predecessor the SNES—the best games console ever!) remain flat out classics.

And clever modern developers have realised this means they don’t have to rely on hyper realistic graphics to make classic titles. Innit.

Shovel Knight Amiibo!

Yacht Club Games released the Shovel Knight amiibo last week after a series of weird delays. On the face of it this is simply a toy of a bloke with a shovel.

Whilst this is the case, the amiibo also features a little chip in its base which you can scan onto the Wii U GamePad, which unlocks all manner of fancy new in game options.

Putting it into summary, it’s opened up a two player co-operative mode, a new game mode called custom knight (which throws arbitrary powerups at you, and features RPG levelling up elements), and new features in the Challenge Mode.

Being morons we were a bit stumped on how to access these first, but the Californian developer kindly include a Shovel Knight amiibo instruction manual. Bless its cotton socks!

Yacht Club Games has put so much love into this creation it’s even been designed to allow Shovel Knight amiibo owners to scan the box over the GamePad… and it’ll still work!

This may sound superfluous to non-nerds, but collectors will literally go through the roof on this point. Anything like this kept in its original wrapping will earn one at least £10 million on eBay in 30 years. It’s a fact!

Shovel Knight Availability

On a final note, if you don’t have a Wii U you can still pick up this classic on Valve’s online platform Steam.

Shovel Knight also recently made it to the PS4 and Xbox One, which is particularly ironic as they’re the two consoles which are desperate to make graphics as realistic as possible.

Why buy it? If sweeping international critical acclaim doesn’t tick your box, it comes at a bargain price, is lovingly crafted, and it’s absolutely brilliant throughout.

This is a modern classic we’ll still be chirruping about as older versions of ourselves in a decade, and we’re delighted the amiibo has given us another chance to ramble on about it. Much love to you, Yacht Club Games!


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