Mr. Scruff’s Awesome English Breakfast Brew

Mr. Scruff Make us a brew
Mr. Scruff and his, now defunct, Make us a brew range. We’re sad it’s gone…

We’ve got a late entry into our Tea Week today, simply as we forgot to mention this once great tea in our actual Tea Week. This one, unfortunately, has a sad story.

It no longer exists. It’s a dead tea. This is particularly surprising as the brand belonged to Mr. Scruff—a super DJ from Manchester.

He had an uber cool café called Cup in the Northern Quarter for a few years, but it seems he moved on and forgot to bother making any more of his glorious teas.

There was the astonishing Mint and Chilli combination which we’ve lost the packaging for (bummer), but we do have the tin with the awesome promotional packing for the English Breakfast range. Huzzah!

Make Us a Brew!

Mr. Scruff English Breakfast
English breakfast tea? Yes!

We could rant about the other flavours, but the brand has been defunct for several years now. This is truly disappointing.

Back in the day, circa 2008, Mr. Scruff did produce these super cool little tins filled with 50 English Breakfast tea bags!

It was excellent tea and most likely the Assam flavour, so perhaps turn to the truly amazing Assam Tea with Vanilla to get your fix.

Unfortunately, all we can do is reminisce about a great tea brand which is now no more.

Mr. Scruff (he’s a DJ, we just looked it up) continues to prance around Manchester mixing his funky beats.

But this great city is tragically lacking a distinctive brew to match the outright brilliance of Mr. Scruff’s effort. For shame!

The Quest

Mr. Scruff cartoon on tea tin
Read it. Read it!

Mr. Scruff’s range embraced the new era of content marketing with gusto – it was started in the UK by Innocent’s smoothie range being all twee and quirky.

Many brands watched this jealously and attempted to replicate the popular formula, failing miserably in the process.

Mr. Scruff did manage to hack it, though, and his efforts were fun and lovely. One can truly tell he’s a tea fan—now that’s content marketing, yo.

We include the above imagine as an example, although each different flavour had unique designs across the box.

This was our favourite though, and it was this tea from Mr. Scruff which kickstarted our obsession with the stuff back in 2008.

This is, how you say, pretty gosh darned awesome of him. Imagine if it hadn’t happened! We’d be left drinking bloody coffee (no offense coffee drinkers… well, maybe just a smidgen).


      • Ah, a true gentleman! Yes, the Bob Hat! So… one can dip it. I have some ideas that I need to sketch up for you to see. I’ve 3, so far, all unique(ish). I mean we wouldn’t want… say something as benign as a B’Ball hat with Bob emblazoned on it? Think of the easy knock offs!
        It’s such a fab idea, I’m afraid to say anymore in a comments box, lest the idea be usurped by villains.
        Will contact you w/a PM on twitter outlining the ideas. I might as well only sketch up what we like.
        Will attempt the message on the weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I can see the advert campaign now: “Are you called Bob?” – “No, but my hat is!” Okay, so we’ll need a content marketing plan… I shame I’m not in digital marketing or anything. Ho hum. Where’s a copywriter when you need one?!?!

          We’ll also need Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Amy Adams to model these things. I know none of them, although I did once have a fab dream where me and Brad hung out and enjoyed casual conversation. Nice bloke!


  1. Love Mr Scruff and his tea shop, I never got to sample any of this though! Apparently he would sell his tea from merchandise tables at his gigs too, what a guy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a most true story! The tea café is still in the same sport near Afflecks Palace, but I’m not sure if he has anything to do with it. His tea certainly seems to have stopped… which is a reet big shame, mister!

      Liked by 1 person

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