The Stone Roses: A Beautiful Thing, Indeed

The Stone Roses A Beautiful Thing
What in the name of cripes is that unholy black thing!?

Just after midnight today, The Stone Roses released its second single since reforming in late 2011 – Beautiful Thing. A lot of the mainstream press got confused by the first one (All for One), seemingly oblivious to the fact it was clearly meant as an upbeat slice of pop for for the band’s fans.

The reaction to the band’s latest effort is much more positive, although the Guardian remains haughty and refuses to admit its music department behaved like idiots during the last review. There’s no arguing with Beautiful Thing, however,  as it’s a bluesy rock number at seven minutes which has a lilting, glorious quality to it. Whoo! Rock on!

Beautiful Thing

 Although the band aren’t likely to hit the extraordinary creative heights they did in the late 1980s, the music they’re putting out is still well above the majority of bands today (in our opinion – many would disagree but, whatever, we’re morons and we know what we’re on about).

This is largely thanks to John Squire (who’s been on unbelievable form since the band reformed) and stunningly accomplished, genius drummer Reni. These two are genuine natural talents – real musicians, as opposed to some kids who made it big off the street thanks to some catchy songs.

At seven minutes, this is an unusually long single. It’s also a great one, with hugely improved lyrics over All For One, bluesy guitar work, and the funkiest drumming we’ve heard in the world since Reni played on the Second Coming in 1994.

The final 20 seconds or so highlights the laid back, complex grooves, and inventiveness he’s renowned for. It’s simply the mark of a brilliant drummer – he’s restrained, subtle, and eager to complement the song. There’s no showboating, just a perfectly timed delivery.

The Stone Roses: Live at… Man City!

After a few years off the gigging scene, the band is back to bring classics from its masterpiece album The Stone Roses. After two warmup gigs this week, the band’s playing four nights in at row at the Manchester City football stadium. Bloody hell!

New songs will be greeted rapturously by the band’s army of fans, many people will be drunk, and it’ll be a glorious occasion for folks to unite in favour of The Stone Roses and its wonderfully uplifting and sublime music. Huzzah!

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