The Book of Tea: Moonshake Books Review

The Books of Tea - Kakuzo Okakura

Over on our other blog, Moonshake Books, we’ve covered Kakuzo Okakura’s magnificent the Book of Tea in a pretty detailed review. First published in 1906, this essay sets out the Teaist cause and covers many facets of what makes tea so special, with a rather fascinating brief overview of the history of tea, Teaist philosophy, art appreciation, and the the schools of tea. It’s wrapped up with a consideration on tea-masters. By ‘eck!

The Book of Tea

Okakura’s book is a short essay, essentially… a treatise, even. It’s a passionate account of his love for tea, which also expounds on his Buddhist principles and belief the path to a good life is through humility and simplicity.

Back in 2016, we did our Tea Week special to cover all the tea we particularly love and to try and get some of you heathens to give it a whirl. Not satisfied with leaving it at that, we’re now trying to brainwash you into reading our rather detailed review to discover all that is fabulous in the world of tea consumption.

Simply put, here are the benefits of tea:

  • Super healthy
  • Inspiring
  • Relaxing
  • Cheap
  • Habit forming

Thusly, if you smoke like a chimney and are looking to stop, form a new ritual with regular tea consumption. Have a little tea-ceremony once a day and revel in the brilliance of it all. You shall not be disappointed – tea is a marvel which has been in use for thousands of years.

Assam Tea with Vanilla

Assam Tea with Vanilla
Worship this now. Yes!

To conclude this post, we put you on towards the glorious Clipper tea brand’s even more magnificent, unearthly delight that is called Assam Tea with Vanilla. This SOB is our favourite one out there – it’s a black tea and the subtle hint of vanilla heightens its bitter taste with a sweet edge.

Never add milk and sugar to your tea, you freaks, but with the above you can add some honey if it’s a bit too strong for you. Do yourselves a favour and try and pick a variety up from whichever country you doth hark!


    • The favour is discovering a new tea which is the bestest tea, like, ever. Go forth and discover.

      As for the books, well I’ve been reading constantly since I was 17, so that be 16 years of book reading to rant on about. But I usually read several a month – novellas where possible, as I’m busy!

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      • I’m guessing you meant “favor” then πŸ˜‰

        I should read fiction more often. I read like about one novel a year and the rest is non-fiction. I mostly read for work and its slowly killing my joy of reading. One day I’ll be free again, one day!


        • ‘Ey, ‘ey! Don’t you go startin’ that round ‘ere now, like, fella!

          I mix it up with fiction and non-fiction, although I tend to prefer the latter these days. When done very well, however, fiction can be a real marvel, it’s just there’s a lot of generic stuff being churned out, in my opinion.

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