Philomena Cunk: Making Stupidity Funny Again

Philomena Cunk

The lovely Diane Morgan of Bolton, Greater Manchester, has made a name for herself in recent years thanks to the character Philomena Cunk.

This individual is a lovable moron who appears on Charlie Brooker’s satirical Weekly Wipe TV series, although recently she’s also branched out into Professor Brian Cox styled science shows where she bumbles about getting confused by everything.

And we’re here to celebrate all that guff today. Why? Well, you’re on a site called Professional Moron. It’s apt and all that. Let’s do this!

All Hail, to the Glorious Philomena Cunk

If there’s a physical manifestation of Professional Moron in the world, then Cunk is most definitely it. Currently there’s Cunk on Britain, a BBC series which has just started and will see the character take on what it means to be a Brit.

Essentially, she just does what we’ve dubbed “intelligent stupidity” by being a bit dumb. And it’s great fun! Time for you to catch up, you philistines!

Women aren’t funny, of course. We all know that. There are no funny women in comedy. Except for all those funny ones, like Diane Morgan, Joanna Lumley, Lisa Kudrow (as Phoebe is very funny), and Burt Bacharach.

Philomena Cunk, then, is a unique specimen in a world of women with no sense of humour. She’s a dashing redhead with a silly streak a mile wide, which is awesome.

We often think great comedy comes from the ability to self-deprecate. Poke fun at yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously, and be happy to be ridiculous. This is what we try to do here at the best website of all time, Professional Moron.

This lady also has it perfected, with Cunk bumbling her way through interviews with noted scholars and experts (who sometimes appear to be not in on the joke). She even met Professor Brian Cox for a fun one.

The character was created by satirist Charlie Brooker and was supposed to be an upper-class sort. In England, there’s the stereotype Northerners (places like Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle etc.) are a bit thick. Morgan read for the part with her strong Northern Bolton accent anyway and the rest is history, isn’t it?

Cunk began appearing on Weekly Wipe with Barry Shitpeas (another ranting imbecile) commenting on the recent news and all that.

It’s highly satirical, often pointing out the rampant stupidity going on in England at a time when there’s an endless stream of economic problems.

Totally worth finding out some more then, eh? Incidentally, if you’ve heard of a series called Black Mirror then that’s Charlie Brooker. He wrote the show.

He’s worked closely with Morgan for several years now and helps pen her scripts, but she’s also a stand-up comic and actress who we hope hangs around for a good long time to come.

And then There Was Cunk on Britain

With her new series, you don’t have to be a BBC accessing weirdo to watch the show. It’s already up on YouTube, so feel free to watch the son of a gun and her other shows.

It’s funny, you’ll probably laugh, and you’ll also fall a bit in love with Philomena Cunk and her daft ways. Go for it! You’ll learn something about Britain in the process. Bonus!


  1. Yeah, I heard that about that study saying that women aren’t considered funny. I have absolutely no idea what the surveyed people were on because I have seen plenty of evidence to the contrary.

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  2. Cunk totally debunks the rather wide spread notion that women and the British have no sense of humor. I was also impressed that someone was able to catch dinosaurs on film, maybe this will finally convince the nay sayer’s of their existence. It was recently revealed that 14% of Americans believed the earth is flat. Just throwing that in, it’s not helpful to our cruise industry.

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