Chuchel: Adorable Indie Adventure For a Delicious Cherry

Choo choo!

Indie game developers Amanita Design has been responsible for all manner of quirky titles – Chuchel is the latest and it’s adorable.

With charming and vibrant titles like Botanicula and Samorost 3 under its belt, the developer’s latest effort from 2018 is another groovy release that should keep you more than happy for a few hours.

Naturally, that distinctive visual style is what draws you in first. This is spread across their various titles, but on Chuchel it has a much more cartoon, kid-friendly vibe about things.

It’s a sweet natured game with a lot of silly, fun humour. Here’s your chance to see if you want to pick the son of a gun up.

Chuchel is Super Cute and Fun

Righto, Chuchel’s genre is classed as a comedy adventure where you guide the hairy star Chuchel on his merry way.

He has a rival and these two are hellbent on competing to get the prize cherry in the area.

That’s pretty much it for the plot, it’s just a chance to throw in a lot of silly humour that should delight all ages, which is all complemented by the wonderful artistic style.

Chuchel dance

It consists of 30 short levels and has a crisp and bouncy pace to it.

It’s a point and click adventure, essentially, in the grand tradition of titles such as LucasArt’s The Curse of Monkey Island.

On your mission to win that delicious cherry, you meet some truly warped individuals. This includes an enormous egg dude.

Chuchel VS an enormous egg

Chuchel is a loveable git as well, with his wacky antics involving a severe case of hyperactivity, which is complemented by his naive, inquisitive, and determined nature – kind of like a hamster, but without the enormous cheeks.

He’s helped along by his pet Kekel, a bean-like creature, but Chuchel would make an awesome little pet in his own right.

Church trying to get a cherry

Thusly, here we have an adorable and lively adventure we think is perfectly suited for all ages. Its sense of fun and imagination, plus that gorgeous art style, help it stand out in a crowded indie game market.

We encourage you to give it a go – it’s available right now on Steam, iOS, and Android. Hurray!


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